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Merry Christmas To All!

Welcome back to our blog. It’s hard to believe that Christmas is almost upon us. We hope that you’re all getting into the festive spirit just like we are. We have a little break now. The Registry Office in Gibraltar closes soon so, all our collaborators and ourselves included get to enjoy the holidays. That doesn’t mean we’re not available for taking your calls. We may be enjoying the festive season but we’re still here to take your enquiries.

If you are thinking of getting married in our beautiful Gibraltar, we’d like to remind you that we have all the service providers you could wish for – easy transfer service from the airport, connections with hotels, hair and makeup professionals, flowers, photography, wedding attire and so much more.

As your wedding planners of choice on the rock, we’ll ensure that you get everything you need to have a happy, stress free wedding. We can organise every detail for you and your guests. We’ve even got connections to beautiful seafront restaurants where you and your guests can celebrate and enjoy your wedding reception.

If you haven’t read our blog previously, please take time to go through it. You will find all our packages at the best prices. Feel free to have a look through our wedding directory and you’ll find a list of our suppliers and our collaborators.

We make your wedding day run smoothly and as hassle free as possible while you relax, get pampered and enjoy your big day.