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Love Is In The Air

A very warm welcome back to our blog. If you’re visiting us for the first time, a very warm welcome to you. It’s an even warmer welcome to you all this week as it’s St. Valentine’s week and here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings romance is in the air more than ever. As your wedding planners of choice here on the rock, we are continuing to help couples get married here almost every day of the year.

It’s suppose to be one of the romantic weeks of the year. It’s that special date when many men decide to propose to the woman they love.

Yet, we wonder how many people know the true story behind St.Valentine’s.

Did you know that, according to one story because there are multiple versions, Valentine was a Roman priest back in approximately 278 A.D? It was the time when Rome was ruled by Claudius the Cruel.

Claudius the cruel was a true warmonger and managed to get Rome involved in all kinds of battles. In order to defend Rome, he needed to have a good, strong army. Aside from Claudius’s battles being very unpopular, he found that young men were very reluctant to join his army because they didn’t want to leave their wives or their families.

In a bid to force these young men to sign up to his army, Claudius the Cruel decided to ban all engagements and marriages in Rome; during his reign. Thinking this was an abuse of power, Father Valentine defied Claudius the Cruel’s law and secretly carried on marrying young couples.

When Claudius the Cruel found out, he ordered the monk be condemned to death. In accordance with his wishes, the prefect of Rome sentenced Valentine to be beaten with clubs and then beheaded. His execution took place on the 14th or 15th February. According to the multiple versions of the story, the exact date is still a little unclear.

However, there is also a version of the story that says, Valentine had become friends with the jailer’s daughter while he was in prison. When he died he left a note for her and, apparently, signed it “from your Valentine,” which, over time, has become the hallmark of Valentine cards.

St. Valentine’s day soon came to replace the old Feast of Lupercalia, which was a pagan festival to celebrate love.

Being the old romantics that we are, we’re definitely on Valentine’s side, which is why marriages are our ideal line of business. We love seeing our happy couples get married. Why not be one of them?

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