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Keeping your wedding guests entertained in Gibraltar

When you a host a wedding in Gibraltar, many of your party will make the most of the opportunity and stay in Gibraltar for several nights. Whilst it’s important for you to remain focused on your own wedding preparations, many soon-to-be newlyweds feel an obligation to keep their guests entertained for the entirety of their stay.

Here are a few recommendations that you can make to your guests to keep them entertained before and after your Gibraltar wedding:

Rock Escape Rooms

For your guests who enjoy an adrenaline-pumped experience, the Rock Escape Rooms have four thrilling escape rooms to conquer. With varying difficulties to suit any age and ability, and themes ranging from a murder mystery to a nuclear bunker, this affordable activity is sure to keep your guests buzzing.

The Rock of Gibraltar

The Rock is a favourite attraction of visitors to Gibraltar. Accessible to everyone, the Rock of Gibraltar can be ascended by foot or by cable car. The Rock is home to the famed Barbary Macaques – they’re used to human interaction, so don’t be surprised if they climb onto your guests! They may also help themselves to your party’s belongings if not secured, so a word of caution is a must. A wonderful experience nonetheless and a great spot for your wedding photos too!

La Alameda Gardens

Invite your guests to enjoy the beautiful La Alameda Botanical Gardens. A stone’s throw from the famous Rock Hotel, these serene gardens host over 1,900 different species of flora.

Spread over fifteen acres, this is a peaceful retreat away from the bustle of the central Westside district. The gardens also boast a wildlife conversation park, home to thirty-six species of reptiles, birds and mammals. With over two-hundred years of history, these gardens are a must-see attraction that are sure to keep your guests talking.

It’s possible to host your Gibraltar wedding at La Alameda Gardens when you book and plan your wedding through Sweet Gibraltar Weddings exclusively. Contact our friendly team today to find out how we can help celebrate your special day.