Just got engaged? Great! Here’s what to do next

Just got engaged? Great! Here’s what to do next

Presenting or showing off an engagement ring is probably one of the most joyous things you will ever do – and you might already be thinking of getting married in Gibraltar, an exciting overseas destination for which we offer a range of enticing wedding packages


However, if you have only just got engaged, the work of organising your dream wedding will have effectively only just begun. So with no further ado, here are some of the things you should most urgently do once it’s ‘official’… 


Break the news to your family


Naturally, you might need a bit of time to recover from the giddiness you are bound to feel as one half of a newly engaged couple. You mustn’t lose complete control of your senses, however – as your family will need to know at some point that the engagement has happened. 


If you consulted your mother or father for their opinion on a potential engagement ring before you bought it, all that you might need to do now is tell them your other half said yes. 


Get a manicure 


During the first few weeks of your engagement, many people will be eager for a good look at the sparkler on your finger. For this reason, you’ll want to make sure your nails are in the best possible aesthetic condition before any of that happens.  


Otherwise, unsightly nails could distract onlookers from the ring itself – although brides don’t have to worry about doing anything too elaborate with their nails. As long as they are clean and shaped, even merely natural-looking – rather than varnished – nails will do. 


Tell everyone else in your social circle about the engagement 


You should start by personally telling the closest friends in your inner circle before letting the news trickle out further, perhaps through a post on social media. You will soon be able to expect plenty of “like” and “love” responses to your status update about the big news!  


Resize your engagement ring


You won’t want your engagement ring to accidentally slip off your finger and disappear, such as when you are out and about. After all, your ring will have sentimental value now that you know it was there at the magic moment when you or your partner proposed and the other said yes. 


This helps to explain why, in the likely event that the ring isn’t quite a perfect fit, you should have its band size adjusted sooner rather than later. 


Research wedding venues 


If you have your heart set on getting married in Gibraltar, our team here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings can present you with a broad choice of potential wedding venues in the sun-drenched British Overseas Territory.  


For example, you could opt to tie the knot in Gibraltar’s Registry Office, at the family-owned Lounge Bar, in the Alameda Botanical Gardens, or even onboard a yacht where the luxury five-star Sunborn Hotel is sited, complete with a swimming pool, casino, spa and gym.  


Feel free to email us via info@sweetgibraltarweddings.com to learn more about how we can help make your special day in Gibraltar feel even more special. 


The really important work on your destination wedding may be only just beginning, but our capable and experienced wedding planners will help make the process a pleasurable one for you – right up to the walk down the aisle!