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Just 5 of the wedding trends we can expect to define 2022

For what might be the first time in about one and a half years for many of us, we are daring to dream – of freedom, including the liberty to organise a wedding much like the one we might have hoped for in the pre-COVID-19 world. But of course, we can’t expect the coronavirus not to have left a certain legacy, either. Yes, we’re talking about what our weddings are likely to look like in 2022.

Here are just some of the trends that are being widely anticipated for weddings in the New Year, which you might seek to take inspiration from if you are contemplating getting married in Gibraltar.

Rented wedding dresses

Statistics suggest that in recent years, brides have spent an average of well over a thousand pounds each on their wedding dress. But what if there was another way?

Carrie Symonds’ marriage to Boris Johnson in 2021 captured headlines for many reasons – but also because of her choice of an ivory tulle and silk gown designed by Christos Costarellos, which retails for nearly £3,000, but was actually rented for a mere £45.

Hiring rather than buying is an emerging revolution in how many brides think about wedding gowns, making sense for both budgetary and environmental reasons. We therefore expect to hear many more examples of it – including among celebrities tying the knot – in 2022.

Vegan and vegetarian weddings

There has been much discussion about the rise of veganism, and it seems sure that this will be increasingly reflected in many weddings – in Gibraltar and around the world – next year.

Even many of those who don’t go fully vegan for their nuptials are likely to place a greater emphasis on provenance when it comes to their wedding menus, favouring British wines and meats and vegetables from local suppliers.

Wedding creches

Do you expect to be pregnant at the time of your wedding, or to have recently given birth? If so, you will hardly be alone among recent brides, judging by the increasing popularity of maternity wedding dresses. Another trend arising alongside this is the emergence of wedding creches and nannying services.

The existence of these services acknowledges that children are likely to be a more common sight than ever at weddings during 2022, and they will need to be suitably entertained and looked after.

Nor are these services purely for the bride’s convenience, as they can also allow for the attendance of guests who may have otherwise been unable to make it to a wedding due to childcare commitments.

Earthier colour palettes, inspired by nature

More and more of us have come to appreciate in recent years that we have one planet, in all its beauty, and we need to take care of it. And it’s fair to say that strong cues to such beauty will permeate many a wedding in 2022, especially those held at least partly outdoors, which great numbers of us will wish to embrace after so much time spent stuck inside since the spring of 2020.

That means the likes of rust, coral, coffee, caramel and amber hues are likely to be a ‘big thing’ at weddings in the next year. Incorporate these alongside more traditional wedding colours such as pink and white, and you could have a ‘special day’ that also serves as a gorgeous homage to the wonders of our natural world.

The Sweet Gibraltar Weddings team and couples who organise weddings with our help certainly know the power of natural backdrops – hence the longstanding popularity of our Botanical Gardens Package!

Destination elopements

We’ve previously outlined on the Sweet Gibraltar Weddings blog what distinguishes an “elopement” from a traditional big-bash wedding – at least in the 21st century, when it’s more difficult than ever to “run away and get married” without someone among your family and friends knowing about it!

As international travel restrictions continue to be loosened where possible amid the wider world’s recovery from the pandemic, we can expect couples to embrace destination elopements, taking the form of small and relatively private weddings in exciting overseas locations.

And if getting married in Gibraltar is something you’ve got your eye on, we would be pleased to help make it a reality for you! Just contact our skilled and experienced wedding planners today, by phone or email, for a discussion of what could be possible – or browse our latest wedding packages.