It could still be a great idea to live stream your Gibraltar wedding, even after COVID

It could still be a great idea to live stream your Gibraltar wedding, even after COVID

In some ways, the idea of live streaming your wedding – whether it takes place in Gibraltar or elsewhere – might seem “very 2020”. We were at the height of the coronavirus crisis back then, and even at times during that year when the heaviest lockdowns weren’t in place, it seemed like a new one was likely to be imposed at any moment. 

In those circumstances, it felt utterly logical to many people getting married in Gibraltar to set up Skype or similar video conferencing software, and effectively bring their nuptials to those who might have been left stuck at home by the COVID-19 restrictions. 

But now that we have a bit more freedom to move across borders (at least at the time of typing), is the notion of live streaming one’s wedding a trend that is built to last? 

Our answer to that question here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings is: emphatically, yes. And here are some of the reasons why. 

It’s not technically daunting in the way you might think 

If your only experience with the world of streaming is watching a few YouTube videos or a bit of Netflix from time to time, you could be forgiven for presuming that live streaming a wedding must be a technically complex thing to do. There must be loads of fancy apps and devices involved, right? 

Well, no, not really. Sure, you could invest in professional live streaming services and the associated high-level equipment for this kind of thing. But you could also just as easily use Facebook Live or FaceTime in a relatively rudimentary way to live stream your wedding. 

You won’t want the live streaming of your wedding to seem too amateurish, though. It’s worth having a conversation with your venue, for instance, about how you can ensure good-quality audio for those joining from home; you’ll need to think about where to place the device with the camera, and where microphones ought to be located to ensure every important word is captured. 

There’s a lot of scope to make a live stream really special 

If there’s something that a lot of couples who have chosen to live stream their nuptials during the pandemic have demonstrated, it’s that a live stream doesn’t have to be just a live stream. You aren’t forced to leave the viewers at home simply sat in front of their laptop, with nothing else to make their experience feel special. 

One thing you could do, for example, is determine in advance exactly who will be joining the wedding via the live stream, and then send them a personalised ‘wedding box’, for arrival by the morning of the wedding. This box could contain such items as a piece of wedding cake, a small bottle of Champagne, photo booth props, and perhaps even the ingredients for a wedding breakfast meal.

Don’t forget the massive role social media can play, too. Unlike what could be said of video streaming, almost everyone knows how to use social media these days. So, having a private Facebook group for the wedding – accessible via a QR code printed on the aforementioned wedding box – could be great for providing everyone with a ‘virtual wedding venue’ on the day. 

Take that first step of reaching out to our Gibraltar wedding planners! 

The above, of course, are just some of the things you might think about if you are attracted to the idea of live streaming your big day. Your experience of getting married in Gibraltar should be an exceedingly special one – and here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, we can start to turn that into a reality with your help, when you contact us today