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Is your groom’s speech for your Gibraltar wedding as good as it could be?

There are many traditions that frequently feature in the weddings in Gibraltar that we help to organise here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings. However, for grooms, one of the most nerve-wracking of these tends to be the groom’s speech. The delivery of the groom’s speech can be a magical and romantic moment, but it’s also precisely because of this that you won’t want to mess up yours.

So, here are a few tips to help ensure you get every detail of your groom’s speech just right.

Aim for around seven to eight minutes of talking

The length of a groom’s speech can be crucial to its success. You won’t want it to be so long that guests become a bit restless and bored and start checking their phones. However, an overly short speech might come across as if you didn’t really care about preparing it and shouldn’t have bothered.

About eight minutes is therefore a good rule of thumb for the speech length, in terms of the actual talking – think about 1,350 words. This will allow some time for the inevitable laughing, applause and heckles that will mean the speech effectively takes up about 10 minutes of ‘stand up, sit down’ time.

Carefully structure your speech

No one wants their groom’s speech to be a repetitive and disorganised mess, so the thorough preparation and careful writing of your speech well in advance of your special day will (of course) be crucial.

One mistake that a lot of grooms make when composing their speech, is immediately talking about how amazing their partner looks, and only peppering in references to them for the rest of the speech. Remember that your bride or groom is the star of the show, so you should be dedicating the latter half of the speech to them and what they mean to you.

Use healthy ways to calm your nerves

We touched above on how much anxiety can be caused to the groom by the mere thought of delivering such an important speech in the company of their nearest and dearest. But we’d urge you to resist the temptation to depend on ‘Dutch courage’, even if your best friend swears that it worked when he got married.

Instead, we’d suggest such measures as taking a deep breath, smiling and filming yourself practising your speech. The latter, for instance, will help you to improve aspects of your delivery to the point of being utterly confident on the big day. Oh, and writing a brilliant speech that you can’t wait to deliver will also go a long way to reducing those nerves.

The groom’s speech may not be the start and end of your wedding preparation, but it’s clearly pretty important! So, for assistance with the rest of the planning of your nuptials, why not place your trust in our experts here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings? We’ve organised so many enchanting and memorable weddings in Gibraltar, and can do the same for yours when you get in touch with us.