Is there such thing as a ‘bad’ wedding date?

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Is there such thing as a ‘bad’ wedding date?

You might understandably imagine that if you are planning on getting married in Gibraltar, it isn’t really possible to choose a ‘bad’ date for your wedding. 

After all, even what is typically the coldest month in this part of the Iberian Peninsula – January – still tends to produce perfectly mild and hospitable weather. And as long as you and your beloved and every likely invitee can actually get to your destination wedding for the intended date, and the venue and related services will be available then, what else do you need to worry about? 

Alas, the task of selecting the optimal wedding date isn’t quite as straightforward as that. So, partly for entertainment and partly for advice purposes, let’s take a look at some examples of when a given date for a wedding may be less than ideal. 

Will there be a big sporting event taking place that day? 

This is one of the classic mistakes that couples make when deciding on a wedding date – although to be fair to them, it isn’t always one that is easily avoided. In the case of a major international football tournament such as the EUROs or the World Cup, for instance, you can’t know in advance whether your country’s national team will get to the semi-final or final. 

Still, it’s worth being mindful of this factor when you are considering potential wedding dates. Some big annual events, such as Wimbledon, do have relatively predictable dates each year, so you aren’t necessarily entirely at the mercy of how well or badly a particular team or competitor does. 

Does the intended date clash with any personally significant days? 

Navigating ‘family politics’ can unfortunately be a big part of the process of organising a wedding. So, one of the last things you will surely want to do is inadvertently schedule your nuptials for a date that could cause offence to any of your nearest and dearest. 

What do we mean by such problematic dates? Well, we’re referring to things like milestone birthdays, any already-planned wedding days of other friends and family members, and major anniversaries. This is a good reason to keep a personal diary to help you stay alert to such dates, and hopefully avoid causing upset to anyone you love. 

Is it a good or a bad idea to time your wedding for a public holiday? 

A lot of couples in the UK make a point of targeting a public holiday for their wedding – and that makes sense on a certain level, right? Many couples end up getting married in Gibraltar over the August bank holiday, for example, and we’re sure you won’t need the Sweet Gibraltar Weddings team to tell you how fabulous the height of summer can be in the British Overseas Territory. 

This strategy doesn’t always make sense, though. For one thing, loads of couples often have the same idea, which can drive up the prices that venues charge for bookings on these dates. Plus, some of your desired guests may have already put in place their own plans for whatever public holiday you’re considering. 

Factors like the above, then, might mean it makes greater sense to book a more ‘low-key’ date, such as an ordinary weekday, and give every intended invitee ample notice so that they can make their plans. 

The above aren’t the only things you should probably consider when choosing a wedding date, but they are nonetheless examples of how easy it can be to end up selecting a less-than-suitable date for your nuptials. 

As for helping to ensure every other aspect of your upcoming Gibraltar wedding is just right, why not get in touch with our own knowledgeable and seasoned wedding planners today?