Is there a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to cut a wedding cake?

wedding cake

Is there a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to cut a wedding cake?

One of the most instantly recognisable symbols of any wedding – not just Gibraltar weddings – will always be the wedding cake. But with the cake being such a strongly entrenched wedding tradition, it’s understandable if you aren’t sure about some of the ways to “do it right” – including as far as the act of cutting the cake is concerned. 


You might not think that learning how to cut the cake well would exactly be a massive priority for you compared to, for example, choosing the right wedding package or venue. 


But it’s worth remembering that plenty of people will have their smartphone cameras out for your “big moment” cutting the cake with your sweetheart – so, it’s worth being prepared for it! 


Why is cutting the wedding cake such a big deal? 


As traditions go, cutting the wedding cake is a big one; it traditionally represents the first act a couple does during their married life. 


In the relatively distant past, the tradition was for the bride to cut her cake alone, as a representation of her loss of virginity. Today, it is typical for the couple to do so together, with some going as far as feeding each other the first slice of cake – a pretty intimate act in public, and also a (literally) sweet one. 


Cutting the cake also represents a great “punctuation point” during your special day, signalling the beginning of the “party” element of your wedding celebration. 


How to approach cutting your wedding cake 


Cutting a wedding cake can be a bit of a calamitous act if you aren’t careful! So, here are a few tips that couples planning their Gibraltar weddings can follow, to help ensure they cut their cake with a relative amount of elegance. 


  • Decide between you before you cut the cake, whether you will be cutting it in a wedge or a box shape 
  • Ensure both of your hands are placed on the knife when you cut the cake 
  • Cut about an inch into the cake, and then a connecting line, before using the cake knife to lift a slice onto your plate 
  • If you aren’t exactly accustomed to cutting a cake with someone else’s hand on the knife at the same time, consider practising on another cake first – such as the groom’s cake, if you have one at your nuptials 
  • Exactly where on the cake you cut will probably depend on its size. However, for an average-sized wedding cake, cutting to the side of the second tier is likely to be the best approach 
  • Make sure you don’t try to cut through the boards that separate the tiers of your wedding cake 
  • Work out the backdrop and positioning prior to cutting the cake, so that you get the best possible photos. A classic problem is an unsightly fire extinguisher or fire alarm button in the background slightly spoiling whatever photos are taken. So, be sure to select a ‘clean’, uncluttered wall that won’t distract the viewer’s attention from the wedding cake 
  • Don’t forget those fine details. Make sure the cutting knife is suitable for the job, and remember to top up your lipstick so that you look every inch as amazing in the photos as you deserve to look. 


How can our own experts in Gibraltar weddings help? 


Even our capable team at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings can’t, of course, cut your wedding cake for you! However, what we can do is help organise the cake itself, drawing upon our well-established connections with leading wedding service providers. 


Feel free to browse our wide range of packages for Gibraltar weddings today, before reaching out to us by phone or email. We will be pleased to help ensure you remember everything about your nuptials – even the cake – for only the very best reasons.