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Is it safe to get married in Gibraltar?

When the coronavirus pandemic hit the world, weddings were brought to a standstill, with many couples still waiting for their special day to be safe (and available amidst the rush of rebooking). Even as the pandemic is drawing to a close, it may be a while before we can comfortably enjoy large wedding parties. A wedding in Gibraltar, however, can make up for this while being completely COVID-safe, providing you with an experience that will be worth the wait.

No quarantine

The Department for Transport has created a ‘traffic light system’ to determine the safety of travel to other countries, and Gibraltar is one of the few nations to be given a green light. This means that any UK national can go to Gibraltar and not have to quarantine upon return. This is because Gibraltar has effectively inoculated the entire population. Anyone entering the country has to take a lateral flow test at the airport, but this is better than having to wait for a two-week quarantine period.

Most restrictions in Gibraltar have been lifted, with masks now being relegated to shops and public transport, allowing weddings to continue unabated. Cases are rare, with only a few detected every day.

A safe honeymoon

Alongside weddings, people have also been starved for holidays over the past year. Some have started to go on these recreational ventures in countries where the fight against the virus is far from over. In Gibraltar, however, the risk of contracting the virus is very low.

On top of this, you and your wedding guests will be able to enjoy the wonderful sights of this stunning location to complement their celebrations. They can visit the famous Rock of Gibraltar, explore Saint Michael’s Cave, or even take a ride on a cable car.

If you’re looking to get married safely in Gibraltar, get in touch with us today and we will make sure that your Gibraltar wedding is unforgettable.