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Is it cheaper to get married abroad?

Your wedding is one of the most special and magical days of your life, and you want to ensure that it is everything you ever dreamed of. Perhaps that includes getting away from it all and getting married near a gorgeous beach in the sunshine – but you aren’t sure about the expense. Is it cheaper to get married in Gibraltar and abroad, or in the UK? We take a closer look.

Think about your guest list:

One reason that weddings abroad can tend to be less expensive than at home is that you will generally be more careful with who you invite. Curating your guest list becomes easier as those who aren’t your close family and friends may not wish to travel overseas, so you won’t have to pay for as large a venue or as many refreshments. Guests will usually pay for their own travel costs, which will narrow it down further to your nearest and dearest – if you aren’t eloping!

Accommodation before and after the wedding:

Your accommodation will likely be more expensive than if you were getting married in your home town and going straight back to your house afterwards – but this is an unlikely circumstance! When it comes to wedding venues and accommodation for wedding parties in the UK, these can be quite pricey, and a villa abroad is likely to be cheaper. You can also combine your wedding with a holiday or honeymoon to save even more overall.

Local licences and more:

While you may save money in many respects, bear in mind that getting married abroad could mean jumping through some legal hoops to ensure that your marriage is valid in the UK. There may be registration costs for the country where you marry, and at home, so look carefully into the local laws before you go.

With all this in mind, it can be cheaper to get married abroad if you are thinking about how you celebrate your love and who you invite. If you want to enjoy an enchanting Gibraltar wedding at the right price for you, then Sweet Gibraltar Weddings is here to help plan your big day on our sunny shores.