Is COVID-19 forcing you to trim down your wedding guest list?


Is COVID-19 forcing you to trim down your wedding guest list?

Amid all of the deep chaos and tragedy that has been visited upon us by the coronavirus pandemic, having to reduce the number of guests you invite to your nuptials because of ever-shifting government restrictions and other circumstances may almost seem like a minor issue.

But of course, having to seriously consider disinviting guests is far from a minor issue to any proud bride and groom, especially when those guests may include close and treasured friends, family members or colleagues.

In fact, is it even possible for those planning weddings in Gibraltar to cut down their wedding guest list without hurting people’s feelings? The short answer is that it is absolutely possible; however, to maximise your chances of handling this awkward situation well, we’d point you to the below tips.

Be realistic and proactive from the outset

If there’s one thing that’s generally a lot easier than crossing someone off your wedding guest list at the last minute, it’s doing so right at the start of the process – ideally before they even suspect you were considering inviting them to your big day in the first place.

So, try to put your ‘forward-thinking’ hat on, anticipating potential issues with the guest list from the earliest possible stage.

That also means not making ‘amateur’ mistakes, such as inviting more people to your wedding than the venue’s capacity or current COVID-19 rules allow. This error is a recipe for stress, as you’ll be instantly dependent on some people saying “no” if you aren’t to be forced to disinvite people.

Take a selective approach to ‘plus ones’

‘Plus ones’ are notorious for often pushing wedding guest lists way out of control. So, if you know there’ll be a tough limit on how many people can be present when you tie the knot, now might be the time to clamp down on ‘plus ones’.

A good tip is to focus principally on inviting immediate family and particularly close friends only. If you do have the luxury of allowing some ‘plus ones’, you may need to think quite carefully about who will be allowed.

You might permit ‘plus ones’ in the case of longer-term partners, for example, rather than those who aren’t married or are in newer or more casual relationships, especially as those in the latter category are probably likelier to be understanding about the situation anyway.

Don’t invite someone simply because you feel you ‘should’

Did you put someone down on the wedding guest list that you haven’t spoken to for years? Even if that person – such as a former colleague from two or three jobs ago, or an old schoolfriend you last had a coffee with in 2012 – played a significant role in your life at one time, they’re unlikely to be too devastated if you don’t invite them now.

After all, your wedding is very much about you and your partner. So, it’s time to prioritise those people who will still be especially close to you by the time the ceremony takes place.

Whatever approach you take, though, you should ensure it’s consistent on both the bride and groom’s side. If you’ve decided to exclude aunts and uncles on your side, for instance, you shouldn’t really invite any of your partner’s aunts and uncles either, as this could risk certain people wondering why they were the ‘odd ones out’.

Honestly explain the situation, and compensate for it if possible

If all else fails, try to come across as considerate and honest when describing the situation to the people you have to disinvite, especially if invitations have already been sent out to them. Make clear that due to factors beyond your control, you have had to reduce the wedding guest list, while also expressing upon each disinvited guest just how important they are to you.

Who knows – if it’s workable, maybe you could make it up for them by including them in a post-wedding virtual celebration over a video conferencing platform like Zoom? Or perhaps a bigger in-person event could be organised once COVID-19 and its associated restrictions have died down?

Whether or not the guest list provides a headache for you and your sweetheart, you won’t want any other factors to further deepen your stress when organising your wedding. That’s why, if this British Overseas Territory appeals to you as a destination for your nuptials, it makes so much sense to get in touch with the capable and experienced planners of weddings in Gibraltar at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings.