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Is a wedding cake essential or not?

In the current era in which couples are becoming bolder and bolder about challenging previously nigh-on sacred wedding traditions, you might have understandably wondered whether it’s all that important to have a cake when you get married in Gibraltar (or wherever else you may choose).

The short answer is… there is no short answer! But here are some of the considerations that should help you to decide.

Sometimes, following tradition can be a lot of fun

The wedding cake is one of those wedding traditions that many of us simply expect to see when we turn up at the venue to watch a friend, colleague or loved one of ours tie the knot. It’s like the wedding car, the white dress and the walk down the aisle… sometimes, it might feel weird if one isn’t present.

And of course, if you and/or your partner have a sweet tooth, omitting a wedding cake from your big day may be one of the very last things you want to do.

Plus, wedding cake being a tradition doesn’t mean that every aspect of your cake has to be traditional. Going for an unconventional cake flavour or offbeat decorations, perhaps tying in with the location where you are getting married – as we have previously blogged about here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings – can help to make this part of your wedding planning a lot of fun.

All of this is without even touching on what a great focal point the cake cutting or the first bite shared as husband and wife (or husband and husband, or wife and wife) can be for images and video footage of your special day. Your chosen photographer and/or videographer should be able to get some great shots out of this moment during your wedding.

But don’t feel pressured into having one!

While the reasons for weddings in Gibraltar to feature a wedding cake are many, there’s a similarly long list of good justifications for not bothering with one.

After all, not everyone actually loves cake, and some people may skip serving one at their wedding – maybe to keep costs down, or to free up time, energy and money for other ways of enhancing their big day. Or you might have ideas for alternative desserts such as ice cream or cookies.

Then, there are the couples who just aren’t into ‘sweet’ foods at all. In short, there’s definitely no reason for you to feel guilty about not having a wedding cake, if it just doesn’t feel like the right thing for you and your beloved.

Give us a call to discuss your wedding needs!

The preparation of a wedding cake is just one of the additional services that we can arrange for many of those who choose to hold their weddings in Gibraltar with the help of our specialists here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings.

Contact our team today, whether by phone or email, and we’ll be able to begin making what may be your long-held dream of getting married in the Mediterranean a reality – cake or no cake!