If you’re setting up a wedding website, here are some great things to include

If you’re setting up a wedding website, here are some great things to include

Such is the tradition in which weddings are steeped, that until fairly recently, it might have seemed an odd thing to have a dedicated website for your nuptials. But times change, and today, setting up a wedding website can make a lot of practical sense, especially for communicating details about your special day that guests may otherwise miss or not be informed about. 


So, if you and your sweetheart have decided you’ll be getting married in Gibraltar and all of the formalities are gradually coming together, let’s look at some of the information we would advise you to include on your wedding website. 


The essential details 


Of course, we can’t go any further in an article like this without first emphasising the importance of including the information that will enable your invitees to get to your wedding in the first place. 

That means the wedding date and time should be placed front and centre – really, on the initial page of the website – along with a clear address for the venue. 


Getting married in Gibraltar might present a particular advantage here, in that the entire territory only measures 2.6 square miles, or 6.8 square kilometres. So, once your guests arrive at the airport, it hopefully won’t be easy for them to get lost trying to find your wedding location! 


It’s also a good idea to set out an approximate wedding-day schedule on your website, to help your event attendees with their forward planning. Oh, and to avoid confusion, if your ceremony and reception are set to take place at different venues, don’t forget to make this absolutely clear! 


What other information should guests know? 


Alas, if you get invited to a wedding and the couple’s wedding website only states the above details, you’ll probably still feel like you’re short of the information you need to plan your visit. This would likely be even more the case if it’s a destination wedding you’ve been invited to, with a need for you to literally book flights and even arrange overnight accommodation. 


The dress code is one of the most crucial of any things to cover on a wedding website. After all, there’s a huge difference between a relaxed wedding where it’s fine to dress like you did at the last music festival you were at, and an exceedingly formal black-tie celebration. So, don’t leave your would-be guests in any doubt about this. 


As far as accommodation is concerned, meanwhile, your guests are likely to appreciate you getting married in Gibraltar, given how popular this part of the Iberian Peninsula is for holidays! But they’re also likely to be thankful for you giving them some hotel recommendations on your wedding website. Fortunately, with weddings being such frequent events here, there are some fantastic hotel options for those attending Gibraltar nuptials. 


Finally, there’s the ‘fun’ stuff… 


Beyond the essential details like the above, a wedding website gives you a golden opportunity to showcase fun extras about your big day. 


You could choose to have a blog section, for instance, documenting the highs and lows of getting ready for your wedding. Many couples are also likely to be tempted to include photographs of memories from their relationship, and images from the wedding day itself – after all, there’s no rule saying you have to take down your wedding website straight after the actual wedding day. 


We’ll leave you to apply your imagination to the decision of what else to include on your wedding website! And for the actual getting married in Gibraltar, our experts at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings are available to assist you in making your dream overseas nuptials come true.