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If you’re a quirky and offbeat couple, you simply have to get married in Gibraltar!

Let’s face it: part of the reason you’re browsing the Sweet Gibraltar Weddings website right now, planning a wedding in Gibraltar or at least thinking about it, probably isn’t the territory’s literal and unmistakable Britishness, or even necessarily the Mediterranean climate.

Instead, it’s the fact that Gibraltar isn’t exactly the most obvious place to tie the knot. Compared to somewhere like the more stereotypically romantic Paris or even the similarly sun-drenched Spain next door, Gibraltar’s a bit sideways and, well, different as far as wedding destinations go.

Don’t worry – we agree, and that’s precisely why we think Gibraltar’s such a wonderful place for a more unconventional, kooky and bohemian couple to get hitched. And here are a few more reasons why we reckon Gibraltar’s ‘alternative’ credentials are unrivalled!

It was only where one of the most famous ‘artsy’ couples of all got married…

…yep, we’re referring to no less than Beatles legend John Lennon and the Japanese multimedia artist Yoko Ono, whose choice of Gibraltar as their wedding destination captured imaginations on 20th March 1969.

They tied the knot at the Registry Office, in fact, and no shortage of other couples – ‘artsy’ or not – have followed in their footsteps down the years

There’s no shortage of ‘odd’ things to see and do here 

Gibraltar may only cover some 2.6 square miles – or 6.7 square kilometres – but it crams in plenty of eye-catching weirdness. Just consider, for instance, that it is home to the only population of wild monkeys anywhere in Europe – yep, those mischievous Barbary macaques – as well as the incongruous sight of red phone boxes so far away from mainland Britain.

Oh, and even the airport is a bit odd, as its only runway is bisected by the territory’s busiest road, which closes whenever a plane lands or departs.

Gibraltar will definitely appeal to your creative side

For a territory of such modest proportions, Gibraltar has plenty of artier attractions to keep you and your loved ones attending your nuptials occupied while you’re not actually tying the knot.

Those include art galleries such as Fine Arts Gallery at Casemates Barracks in Casemates Square, the nearby Gustavo Bacarisas Gallery and Mario Finlayson Art Gallery, while the likes of John Mackintosh Hall and Gibraltar Garrison Library are also key focal points for local events.

As you can see, there’s a lot for kookier couples to soak up besides romance when they choose to get married in Gibraltar! Turn to Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, then, to help with the more mundane aspects of planning a wedding in Gibraltar, and you and your beloved could soon be formalising your union in a way quite unlike anyone else you know!