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Ideas for a themed beach wedding in Gibraltar

If you have always dreamed of getting married in Gibraltar, then why not make that dream a reality. Gibraltar has stunning beaches, fabulous sunshine and is simply the perfect location to celebrate your special day. Below we share some fabulous beach themed wedding in Gibraltar ideas for you to think about.

The sea as your backdrop

One of the golden rules to follow when you have the sea as your backdrop is to keep it simple. You already have the perfect setting for your wedding photographs. Just be sure to choose the perfect spot that offers some shelter and which can seat all your guests.

Add a fishing boat and nets

You could arrive at the beach for the ceremony via a fishing boat. This could then be moored and used later on for the happy couple to have some time alone. What could be more romantic? You could even have the outdoor wedding aisle made from fishing nets that are covered with pearls and pretty shells.

The colour of the sea

Reflect the colour of the sea in your choice of accessories, shoes, bridesmaid dresses and wedding dress. The bride does not have to wear white. Opt for shimmering blues and greens that remind you of the sea, that are made from light, floating fabrics.

Al fresco wedding breakfast

The great thing about a beach wedding is that you can enjoy fresh food on the beach with all your loved ones. Have a simple buffet of fresh fish, fruit, bread and cheese, all laid out on a wooden table. Then add several jugs of local wine or have fabulous cocktails during the evening.

Sea shells and driftwood

You can create your own personalised decorations with the use of seashells and driftwood that have been found on the beach. Use shells on tables and to line the wedding aisle. Driftwood can make a beautiful table centrepiece when teamed with fairy lights and candles.

Here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, we can help you to have the wedding of your dreams. For help and inspiration for your very own beach themed wedding, then please do browse our Gibraltar Weddings website and get in touch with us today.