How to shop for bridal underwear for your Gibraltar wedding


How to shop for bridal underwear for your Gibraltar wedding

When most of us think about bridal underwear for weddings in Gibraltar, we might initially think about a traditional frilly garter belt. However, there’s actually much more to bridal underwear shopping that needs to be considered. 


To help you in your quest for the best bridal lingerie, here are our top tips for bridal underwear shopping for your own upcoming nuptials in the British Overseas Territory.  

What bra should you wear under your wedding dress? 

Put simply, the bra that you wear under your wedding dress will depend on your personal preference, your natural body shape, and the design of the dress itself. 

For example, a backless dress will require an adhesive bra if you don’t want to show any straps. You might also opt for a convertible bra, which can also suit dresses that are sleeveless, halter neck, or one-shoulder. On the other hand, a strapless dress typically requires a strapless bra. 

If your dress has a plunging neckline, then it’s down to personal preference how much cleavage you want to show. A plunge bra can be a fantastic choice, or a push up bra can add a bit more padding. You could also try a bustier which will cinch in your waist at the same time, or even go braless if your dress feels supportive enough on its own. 

Do you need shapewear? 

Again, whether you wear shapewear is entirely down to personal preference – no one needs to wear shapeware, as all bodies are beautiful. However, shapewear can help some people feel more comfortable when wearing tight-fitting dresses. 

Shapewear can smooth out any lumps and bumps you might be self-conscious about, giving you the illusion of a ‘perfect’ silhouette. However, it is important to note that shapewear can be a bit restrictive and uncomfortable in the hot sunshine, so this will also need to be factored into your decision for your wedding in Gibraltar.  

How many sets of underwear do you need for your wedding day? 

While choosing to wear practical and comfortable underwear for their weddings in Gibraltar, some brides opt to bring something a bit more special to change into for their wedding night. Doing the same would give you more freedom to buy the sexy lingerie that you want, without having to gear it around your dress for the ceremony. 

Shop around to see what type of lingerie takes your fancy. Whether you go for a slinky silk chemise, robe, slip, or cami and shorts set, or a sexy and delicate lace corset, bralette, or matching set, you should choose something that makes you feel confident! To add an extra bit of spice, how about adding a suspender belt and stockings to your wedding night lingerie? 

Does bridal lingerie have to be white? 

Although it is true that many brides like to match their underwear to their dress, there is no definite rule that says bridal underwear must be white. If you are wearing the same underwear all day, it is important to keep in mind that darker colours might show through your dress. But if you are changing for your wedding night, your possibilities are endless! 

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