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How to prevent humidity from ruining your wedding hair

Warm summers in Gibraltar are perfect for couples wanting to tie the knot in a tropical setting. However, many brides forget that with warm weather comes humidity and its unfortunate consequences your hair.

Every bride wants her hair to be picture-perfect on her wedding day and throughout its various festivities. If you plan on getting married in Gibraltar, consider these three tips on how to prevent heat and humidity from ruining your wedding hair.

1. Moisturise

Dry hair is more susceptible to frizz and fly-aways when encountering humid air. This is because it’s extremely absorbent and looks to obtain moisture from the heat. Make sure to moisturise your hair before the big day using deep conditioning treatments and light serums. These products ensure that your hair remains strong and resistant to heat on your wedding day.

It’s also essential that you leave your hair to dry naturally the night before your wedding after you’ve applied these treatments. Using a blow drier will only strip your hair of the essential oils all over again.

2. Opt for an updo

An updo is easier to maintain throughout the day than loose hairstyles. Loose ways can get in the way of your seamless look and can become a problem, especially if the heat causes them to become tangled.

If you do choose to wear your hair down, consider using a thinner curling wand to make your curls tighter. This means they’re less likely to drop when the humidity sets in. Be sure to hold each curl for 5-10 seconds after removing the wand so they can cool down and set. Finish the look with some hairspray.

3. Test your hairstyle

There’s no point in re-creating your hairstyle in the salon, only to realise it doesn’t hold up in Gibraltar’s weather. If you’re having a destination wedding, trial your wedding hair in the summer at home and see how it holds up throughout the day. This gives you a better idea of how your hair will fair on the day.

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