How to make sure you have the perfect first dance

Wedding first dance

How to make sure you have the perfect first dance

After a successful and beautiful ceremony, what better way could there be to celebrate one of the latest weddings in Gibraltar than to have a similarly enchanting reception? 

For this part of your special day, you might hire the services of a band or DJ, rent a bar or head down to the beach. But above all else, we can’t possibly forget that moment you and your partner get to take to the floor for your first dance as husband and wife. 

Aside from the speeches, this can be the aspect of your Gibraltar wedding that everyone present remembers for decades to come, if you get all of the details right. Yes, your first dance can be a slightly nerve-wracking prospect – especially if you have no dancing experience – but with these tips, you can be sure of taking your guests’ breaths away. 


Choose the right song 

First things first, you need to choose which song you and your partner will dance the night away to. Most people opt for a song that means something special to them, a song that makes them feel. Maybe you could pick the song that was playing on the radio when you first met, or the song you always sing to together in the car? 

Another option is to choose something universally regarded as a classic. It’s why so many couples planning weddings in Gibraltar opt for something classical guitar based, or even a traditional folk song. For the two of you, it could be a great way to make memories to a new song that will only be associated with this particular moment in your lives.  


Take a couple of dance classes

We aren’t necessarily talking about overly ‘fancy’ dance classes here – really, the emphasis here is on boosting your confidence on the dance floor. Weddings in Gibraltar can be beautifully complemented by a barefoot rumba on the beach, but a traditional waltz can be equally breathtaking.

Work with your partner on what you are both comfortable with and what suits your song. You may decide you don’t want anything too sophisticated, and instead wish to simply hold each other and sway. Alternatively, you might want to choreograph a whole routine. Listen to yourselves, as it is your wedding, after all.


Be in the moment

When the time comes, just enjoy it! Cherish the moment with your soul-mate, in the room filled with your loved ones. 

It is easy to get swept up in the moment, but it is a moment you will remember for the rest of your lives. So, make sure those memories will be heart-warming ones, even if you are far from the most self-confident or technically accomplished dancer. 


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