How to keep your wedding invitees informed amid COVID-19-related changes

How to keep your wedding invitees informed amid COVID-19-related changes

How to keep your wedding invitees informed amid COVID-19-related changes

We’re about a year on now from when COVID-19 first began to impact on European countries in a big way. The pandemic has certainly caused a lot of weddings in Gibraltar to be postponed, rearranged or otherwise inconvenienced. 

But of course, life has to go on – whatever happens with the coronavirus crisis over the next year or so, we all have to find ways to live with the pandemic. This certainly extends to many weddings in Gibraltar, which have been subject lately to safety precautions to help prevent the virus’s spread. 

So, let’s assume you’ve got a Gibraltar wedding lined up on a date in 2021, 2022, or maybe even later than that. Amid all of the uncertainty, it might be far from obvious to you what exact restrictions are even likely to be in place by the time of your nuptials. 

What should your communications strategy be, then, for all of your wedding guests – even if those ‘guests’ may only be likely to join you via Zoom, rather than in person? Here are a few tips. 


Don’t get too stressed out about it 

Yes, it’s frustrating at the moment that so much of the planning around weddings in Gibraltar is being made more complicated by the pandemic. You might have to make adjustments to your plans at relatively short notice, and may therefore be worried about inconveniencing or disappointing your guests. 

Our advice is: don’t be. At this time of all times, your invitees are likely to be very understanding of any changes you do have to make due to forces beyond your control. 


Concisely communicate what your guests need to know 

Certain issues that pop up in relation to your Gibraltar wedding may anger you, but you should be careful not to spread undue negativity about the situation to your invitees as well. After all, this is still going to be the most special day of your life, whatever the specific circumstances may be when that day actually arrives! 

So, if you do need to set out to your guests that certain things have changed about your wedding, we’d urge you to communicate that concisely, sticking to what your prospective attendees actually need to know. That way, they’re likelier to be receptive to any changes and to ‘go with the flow’. 


Embrace digital, not just printed communications 

You might, understandably, have intended to keep your wedding communications – including the invitations – largely physical rather than digital… at least, until COVID-19 came along. 

You may have taken that approach for sentimental reasons, or even just practical ones – fearing that, for example, any particularly ‘technophobic’ invitees of yours would struggle to get to grips with a wedding website or even a Facebook event page, never mind a Zoom invitation. 

If there’s any moment to seriously consider making your pre-wedding communications at least partly digital and online-based, though, it is surely now. So, think carefully about how you might incorporate that into your Gibraltar wedding. 

Remember that there’s always scope to combine beautiful paper and card invitations with similarly gorgeous online ones, drawing upon the same or similar fonts, colours and imagery. 

You could even buy a domain name for a simple wedding website and provide this in your physical invitations. But to ensure no one misses any vital updates you might provide on that website, you should probably still make sure you have everyone’s mobile phone numbers on file, too. 


Reach out to our professional and capable wedding organisers 

There are a lot more ways in which we can help and advise you on your upcoming nuptials in the ever-popular and frequently sun-drenched British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar. So, why not get in touch with our seasoned wedding planners today

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