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How to have a small and intimate wedding in Gibraltar

For many couples, a big extravagant wedding is either not in their budget or style, so a smaller, more intimate wedding is the way to go. However, this can still cause some minor worry to people but having a few helpful tips can reduce your stress levels and make your day more memorable for all the right reasons. Read on for a few top tips on how to make your intimate wedding perfect and ensure that it will be a talking point for years to come.

Consider the budget

When planning a small wedding, the first thing to do is sit down and draw up the guest list as this will give you some idea of the budget you want to set. Within the budget, you’ll have to think about the food and drink, entertainment, photographer and paying for the venue itself. Do you want to keep the budget sensible or spend a little bit more on each person?

Formal invites are needed

Even though it will only be a small wedding, you don’t want to cut corners on certain wedding-related items. Invites are needed to let the guests know the details of your special day and it also gives them an insight into the wedding’s style. A digital invite would do the job and save you a little bit of money but it wouldn’t give out the right impression. Not to mention that you won’t have a physical copy for yourself to have as a keepsake.

Have a seating plan

You might be tempted to skip the sitting plan and let people sit where they want, however, this can cause a few issues. Disorganisation at the reception could happen and some guests might be unhappy with where they end up sitting. Having a seating plan will sort this out and make the day run that extra bit smoother.

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