How to have a luxury wedding on a budget

How to have a luxury wedding on a budget

Weddings are often hailed as the greatest day of your life, but it’s no secret that they can become pretty costly, especially destination weddings. Some people choose to have a long engagement, saving up for years to be able to throw a luxury wedding. 

However, weddings in Gibraltar don’t have to lack luxury to stay on budget. Here are a few tips on how to keep the class level high and the cost level low. 


1. Choose a venue with plenty of character

To keep on track with your budget, instead of spending extra money on lots of extravagant decorations, choose a venue that speaks for itself. 

A venue like a historic building, botanical garden or mountaintop suite has its own character that simply needs to be highlighted. Destination weddings in Gibraltar can also take advantage of beach fronts and seaside landscapes. 


2. Keep it small and intimate

Choosing a destination wedding, like weddings in Gibraltar, means you can keep your wedding small and intimate. Keeping the guest list small can benefit your wallet, in addition to making the day feel more personal. 

By sticking to a smaller number of family and close friends, you will have a larger budget per head, allowing you a few more extravagances. A smaller crowd is also the safer option until we beat the pandemic. 


3. Embrace the natural elements

Why spend money on jaw-dropping backdrops and fancy photography lighting when you can get these things from the world itself? Embrace the surroundings of your venue. For weddings in Gibraltar, take advantage of all of the visual appeal the sun, sea and sand have to offer.


4. Be flexible on dates

Some wedding packages and venues will have reduced rates on certain dates. For example, weekends and public holidays may be more expensive as they are likely to be the most popular. 

To get more for your money, be prepared to be flexible, aiming to get married in a particular week, month, or even season, instead of only accepting one specific date. 


5. Use a wedding planner

For educating yourself on which details you could save on, and which you can splash out on, don’t underestimate the value of a wedding planner! 

Wedding planners like our expert team here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings have all the training and inside knowledge to bring your dream wedding to life on a tight budget. We can work with you to find the best package to suit all of your needs. 

For more information on how Sweet Gibraltar Weddings can help you plan the greatest day of your life, get in touch to speak to a member of the team.