How to handle the stress of planning a wedding in pandemic conditions

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How to handle the stress of planning a wedding in pandemic conditions

To say that organising a wedding is tricky at the moment would be putting it mildly! You might have already gone through the cycle of booking, cancelling and re-scheduling your wedding several times, especially if you had originally started preparing for it before the pandemic.  

We’re living in wildly unpredictable times, and it’s seemingly anyone’s guess when “normal” weddings will be able to resume in many of the world’s most traditionally sought-after wedding destinations.  

So, if you are currently preparing for your own special day, what things can you do to keep a lid on your stress? 


Stay optimistic but realistic

Admittedly, this can be a difficult balance to strike in the current situation. After all, the euphoria that greeted the news of the first COVID-19 vaccines has since been tempered by rapidly rising infection levels. 

You just need to have faith that the light at the end of the tunnel will eventually arrive – and be practical-minded with your planning until then. 


Keep communication channels open with your suppliers

Your suppliers are likely to appreciate you doing this, as many of them will be small businesses for which custom like yours is bound to be their financial lifeblood. Therefore, you should endeavour to keep them updated if certain parts of your plans are in flux.  

When interacting with your suppliers, though, you should be careful not to let any tension on your part boil over. Keep your exchanges honest but light.  


Set up a webpage where you can easily update guests about the wedding

That webpage doesn’t have to be too complex; even something as simple as a Facebook event page can enable you to keep all of your wedding’s intended guests in the loop about how your preparations for the nuptials are going. 

By updating that page as and when necessary, you won’t face the stress of informing guests individually and having to keep track of what you’ve said to what person. 


Don’t be afraid to plan well, well ahead 

Given that there could be restrictive conditions applied to large gatherings like weddings for a while yet, you might even decide that it’s a better decision to pencil in your big day for a more distant date than you had first intended.

After all, we might ‘only’ be in January 2021 at the time of typing, but 2022 will be here before you know it! 

Whatever date you do ultimately decide on for your nuptials, it’s also a good idea to partner with a company that can help to ensure every aspect of your special day goes just right. 

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