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How to create Gibraltar-themed wedding invites

With stunning scenery and plenty of sunshine, whatever time of year you hold a wedding in Gibraltar you’re sure to enjoy an experience you’ll never forget. Renowned for allowing couples to quickly tie the knot, this beautiful overseas British territory has been a popular choice for brides and grooms for many years. An exotic location, it is also ideal when those wedded want to step straight into their honeymoon after the ceremony.

While it’s true that weddings belong to those walking down the aisle, inviting family members and friends is a time-honoured tradition. For many couples, having their nearest and dearest alongside them to share their ceremony is essential, making wedding invitation cards an important element when preparing for the big day. In this blog, we’ll look at how to theme your stationery to reflect a wedding in Gibraltar.

Colours of Gibraltar

Traditionally, wedding stationery colours often take inspiration from bridesmaid dresses or wedding flowers and décor to create a cohesive look and feel for weddings. Why not take this ideal recipe and add a splash of red and yellow to celebrate the national colours of Gibraltar?

Symbols of Gibraltar

Motifs can be a stylish feature of wedding invite designs. Fortunately, Gibraltar has an abundance of recognisable emblems that are ideal options. Rare animals like dolphins and Barbary Macaques can add personality to your invitations, while flowers like the famous candytuft can add a touch of natural beauty that is truly Gibraltarian.

Feature your wedding venue

Finally, invitations allow couples to give their friends and family a hint of what’s to come. Why not create anticipation by adding a glimpse of your chosen wedding venue. From the lofty perch of the Mons Calpe Suite on top of the rock itself to the deck of a luxury yacht or the Botanical Gardens, Gibraltar has a host of scintillating settings for a ceremony.

Invite friends and family to your Gibraltar wedding

At Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, we are dedicated to making sure that your big day surpasses all expectations. Explore our website for inspiration or get in touch and let us help you plan the perfect wedding in Gibraltar.