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How to choose the right destination wedding venue for you

The mere decision to get married abroad may seem exciting enough, but if this is a choice you’ve made yourself, this is merely the point at which your work begins, rather than ends; after all, you’ve got an entire globe’s worth of destination wedding venues from which to take your pick.

It may feel almost impossible for you to narrow down your options, but that’s no reason to feel overwhelmed. Instead, consider the below factors to determine which venue may best match your needs.

How much money have you got to spend?

Like it or not, the destination wedding venues that you can choose will be largely dictated by your budget. You will therefore need to set that budget early on – not least because along with all of the costs associated with any other kind of nuptials, a destination wedding brings certain additional costs like hotel accommodation and travel.

One of the great things about choosing to get married in Gibraltar, though, is that even the cheapest wedding package doesn’t have to lack in excitement or glamour. This brings us neatly onto our next point, which is…

What backdrop do you desire for your wedding?

When you imagine the photos that might emerge from your dream overseas wedding, what kind of imagery comes to mind? Do you find yourself picturing urban surroundings, for instance, or something a little more rural? Would you prefer to be snapped with your new husband or wife on a mountainous backdrop, or on the beach?

Alternatively, of course, you might fancy a combination of all of these backgrounds in your wedding photos. It’s just one more factor explaining the continued popularity of Gibraltar’s many varied and beautifully located destination wedding venues.

What kind of place is your ‘style’?

Lean on your instincts a little: what kind of places do you tend to be drawn to when travelling? Are there certain parts of the world that simply have an atmosphere you love, or which are closely associated with particular passions and interests of yours? Maybe the places where you and your beloved first met, holidayed or otherwise spent time could give you some ideas?

As biased as we are, here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, we’ll always talk up the famed diversity of Gibraltar that helps to make it such a fine location in which to tie the knot for couples with a wide range of tastes and preferences. There really is a bit of something for everyone here!

Does Gibraltar offer the complement of destination wedding venues that most capture your interest? If so, you know what to do – get in touch with the Sweet Gibraltar Weddings team now to talk to us about how we can assist you in making the dream possible.