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How quickly can you get married in Gibraltar?

Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life, and it makes sense to want to have it in a beautiful location. Gibraltar is the perfect location for a wedding, and you need only be in the country for 36 hours in order to have a legally binding marriage. Not only is it a stunning location and fast to process a marriage, but the process itself is also incredibly straightforward.

Why does marriage take place so quickly in Gibraltar?

When you get married in Gibraltar it is legally binding – however, it is a non-religious civil ceremony, which makes Gibraltar the perfect place to get married for any religions, sexualities or general circumstances. You only need 36 hours in order to be legally married, why is just enough time for your documents to be presented.

What needs to be done before getting married in Gibraltar?

A marriage licence must be applied for before a legal marriage can take place. This is an easy-to-follow document and at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, we are happy to guide you through it. This licence can be applied for between 3 months and one day before the wedding, and then you’re all set for getting married in Gibraltar!

What types of Gibraltar wedding are available?

The quickest wedding is a registry office wedding. With up to 20 guests it is an intimate and incognito way to get married. We can also offer wedding in a number of other areas in Gibraltar such as the popular botanical gardens, the stunning Mons Calpe Suite and more beautiful and unique options.

At Sweet Gibraltar Weddings we can get your wedding in Gibraltar sorted in a straightforward and quick way. When you buy into one of our packages we can not only help with all the legal documentation and paperwork, but we can also provide legal witnesses if needed, organise the photography and provide a bridal bouquet. If you are looking to get married in a quick and stress-free way, then get in touch with Sweet Gibraltar Weddings to find out more.