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How much notice is needed to get married in Gibraltar?

With many people switching on to the benefits of getting married abroad, Gibraltar is only becoming more popular as a wedding destination. If you’re planning on getting married in Gibraltar, you will need to consider how far in advance you need to give notice of this in the country.

How much notice do I have to give for a Gibraltar wedding?

To get married in this wonderful destination you will need to give 48 hours’ notice (pending availability).

Who can have a wedding in Gibraltar?

Quite simply, Gibraltar weddings are open to anyone. By law, both marriages and civil partnerships are possible, which makes the area a great destination for any wedding.

What is a special marriage licence?

If you are planning on travelling from abroad to get married in Gibraltar, you will need to apply for a special marriage licence. This isn’t as complicated as it sounds since all you need to do is provide all the correct documentation (such as your passport and your birth certificate) and make sure to arrive in Gibraltar to meet with us the day prior to the wedding at 9.00am (Monday-Friday).

Making sure your day is perfect

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