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How long is a flight to Gibraltar?

Stunning beaches, imposing rocky protrusions, magnificent scenery – all surrounded by the deep blue and turquoise waves of the Mediterranean Sea. If you’re planning on getting married in Gibraltar, you’ll be dreaming of this magical place almost constantly. Yet planning a Gibraltar wedding can come with some issues – how do you get friends and family there? How long is a flight to Gibraltar? How much does it cost, on average?

How long is a flight to Gibraltar?

Don’t worry, planning a wedding in Gibraltar isn’t a problem even with guests coming from further afield. The average flight time from London to Gibraltar is just under three hours, with connecting flights from Scotland taking a little over six hours in total, on average, and eight hours from Ireland.

If you have guests travelling from the EU, they should expect an average of three hours for their flight to attend Gibraltar weddings. While those from as far as North America will need to expect 11.5 hours and more.

How much should guests expect to pay?

Going to beautiful weddings in Gibraltar won’t cost you very much as far as aeroplane travel is concerned. Budget airline options start at as little as £45 return, making Gibraltar an affordable option for most guests.

Guests travelling from further afield should expect to pay at least £119 for stopover flights, which still makes your Gibraltar wedding a great option for most guests. Gibraltar is known to be a fantastic holiday destination, so guests may wish to extend their stay to see some of the famous sights.

Why get married in Gibraltar?

At Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, we’re all about giving you your perfect day in Gibraltar. You may wish to celebrate your big day on one of the golden sand beaches the island offers or delight in our botanical gardens package. Whatever option you choose, Gibraltar is the place to make your perfect wedding dreams a reality. Flights are not overly long and budget-friendly, in particular for guests joining you from the UK. This makes Gibraltar the ideal choice for your destination wedding.