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How easy is it to get married in Gibraltar?


Gibraltar is a unique British territory on the south coast of Spain but has its own legal system and distinct culture. It’s not part of the United Kingdom or the European Union, so citizens from those places can’t come here without jumping through some hoops.

It’s also one of the very few places in Europe where you can get married quickly if you don’t mind not having anyone else present when making this big decision with your partner. You can get married in Gibraltar without any residency or immigration requirements. This makes it one of the most popular wedding venues in Europe, especially for couples who are planning to start a life together in another country.

Getting married in Gibraltar is easy

If you are planning to tie the knot in Gibraltar, you do not need to provide many documents. In fact, apart from your passports and birth certificates and divorce documents (if previously married) (if applicable), there is no paperwork required at all.

You don’t even have to be a resident of Gibraltar or a British or European citizen for that matter.

It’s worth noting that there’s a 24-hour notice period where you’re able to get married upon arrival in Gibraltar. With that said, the 24-hour notice period is not strictly enforced.


So if you’re looking for an alternative to a traditional wedding, Gibraltar might be the place for you. It has some of the most idyllic views in Europe and its location on the Strait of Gibraltar makes it ideal for any couple who wants to tie the knot in a romantic location with easy access from anywhere else in Europe or Africa.