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How does Gibraltar compare to other popular wedding destinations?

It would take us a long time here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings to list all of the things that make weddings in Gibraltar so special – but of course, you would probably expect us to say that! So, if you and your beloved are still unsure as to whether Gibraltar really is the best-suited wedding destination for the two of you, what could possibly help you to make up your mind?

We reckon this quick rundown of the pros and cons of tying the knot elsewhere might be useful.

The United Kingdom

If you’re British yourself, it might seem to go without saying that getting married in the UK would be a relatively hassle-free option. Plus, it’s hardly as if the UK is short of truly stunning wedding venues, or high-quality wedding suppliers.

However, even with all of the remarkable tradition, history and infrastructure that Britain offers to those contemplating formalising their union there, the British weather is still… well, the British weather.

There might also be a serious lack of workable dates for you and your sweetheart at the most sought-after UK venues for a wedding in 2021, due to the backlog created by COVID-19.


OK, so if you’d prefer to get away from the British greyness and drizzle for your wedding instead of revelling in it, what about that classic ‘home from home’ for so many Brits – Spain?

Of course, we can’t argue with the fabulous Spanish climate or some of the stunning coastal, verdant and urban backdrops that the country offers, all of which are sure to be relished by your wedding photographer and videographer.

What we definitely can argue with, though, are the residency requirements. You can only hold a civil ceremony in Spain if at least one of you is a Spanish citizen, or at least one of you has been a legal resident of Spain for two years in the run-up to the wedding day.


Like Spain, France packs in plenty of visual appeal for couples looking to get married in foreign climes, with appealing venues ranging from chic city-centre hotels to historic chateaux.

Again, though, the residency requirements can be a barrier for many lovebirds from other countries who might otherwise wish to get married in France. Still, at least the rules aren’t quite as strict as in Spain, as the provided proof of residency in France only needs to be for at least 30 days before the application, for at least one of the parties tying the knot.

However, there are also other administrative formalities that one must go through in order to legally marry in France, which might be enough of a hassle that you are again tempted to look elsewhere.


As biased as we’ll freely admit to being, when you’re seeking an overseas marriage destination that combines so many of the best aspects of the aforementioned three countries, we really don’t think you need to look beyond Gibraltar.

Those notorious residency restrictions aren’t an issue in the British Overseas Territory – in fact, you can get married in Gibraltar within just 48 hours under a special licence.

Then, there’s all of the natural and historical splendour afforded by such key attractions of the territory as its Moorish Castle, the Gibraltar Nature Reserve and the Rock itself. Oh, and for Brits, there are also all of those reassuringly familiar red phone boxes, post boxes and high-street retailers, with pound sterling the local currency and English being widely spoken, too.

All of these factors help to make it unsurprising that so many couples who might have initially considered tying the knot elsewhere in Europe or the wider world, end up plumping for Gibraltar. After all, with the likes of John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Sean Connery and Sarah Churchill having all done so, you’ll also be following in some very famous footsteps if you marry here.

Nor do the other aspects of weddings in Gibraltar have to be as awkward or difficult to organise as you might think. Simply reach out to the Sweet Gibraltar Weddings team today, and we’ll show you what could be possible in accordance with your preferences, requirements and budget.