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How can you lose weight and get fit ahead of your wedding?

Getting fit for one’s nuptials is something that so many couples want to do, but which many dread the process of trying to accomplish.

It’s a very understandable aim if you’ll be getting married in Gibraltar – after all, there will almost certainly be more cameras on you on your big day than on any other day of your life. You will therefore want to be sure of looking good and fitting into your dream wedding dress.

The good news is that you don’t need to resort to ridiculous crash diets if you aspire to shed the pounds and tone up ahead of your wedding – and nor are such diets even likely to work. Instead, then, follow the below tips that are doable for everyone.

Consider what you actually want to achieve

Wedding fitness means different things to each person, so there’s no ‘one size fits all’ formula for success. So, think about the fitness level you’re starting out at, the amount of weight you wish to lose, and how you eventually want to look and feel.

Leave ample time to accomplish your goals

Whether you like this fact or not, the reality is that you simply can’t expect miracles if you leave your pre-wedding exercise regime to the last minute.

So, don’t. Start contemplating your diet and exercise plan as soon as you know when you’ll be getting married in Gibraltar, if not even earlier. A good rule of thumb is to aim to achieve your target weight no later than four weeks out from the wedding date, by the time of the final dress fittings.

You’ll then be able to spend the remaining time simply maintaining your weight and fitness and focusing on the last details of your wedding planning, instead of panicking and crash dieting.

Take it one step at a time (literally)

Don’t allow yourself to feel so overwhelmed by your overall goal that you struggle to even get started. Focus for the first four to six weeks on partaking in the regular exercise that will help you to build up general fitness, before targeting specific areas like your stomach, bottom and thighs.

Smaller goals over short periods of time are much easier to mentally handle than those big, scary ones set for six months’ time! So, take your pre-wedding fitness regime one month at a time, bearing in mind it’s the first month or so when you’re likely to see the greatest weight loss.

Nor should weight loss be your sole goal, not least because the process will be more enjoyable if you don’t feel that your life is being ‘ruled by the scales’. That’s why it’s a good idea to set yourself small challenges along the way, such as walking to and from work every day for a month.

Getting married in Gibraltar doesn’t have to be solely stressful

Yes, we know – it may feel to you as if almost everything is stressful at the moment! But that’s precisely why we’re here; the Sweet Gibraltar Weddings team can begin to answer your questions straight away about tying the knot in the British Overseas Territory, and work with you to realise your dream, when you reach out to us via phone or email.

In the meantime, we wish you good luck with your fitness goals – and everything else connected to the planning of your big day!