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How can you ensure you get your Gibraltar wedding photos just right?

Your Gibraltar wedding won’t just be special in terms of what happens on the day, but also with regard to how it is remembered by you, your beloved and every one of your loved ones, for months, years and even decades to come.

And do you know what will be instrumental in preserving those memories for longer? Yes, that’s right – the very best wedding photography!

So, here are just a few ways to make sure your own Gibraltar wedding photos capture the perfect vibe, instead of being a slight embarrassment to look back upon.

Have at least one professional photographer at the wedding

Sure, you’ll inevitably have friends snapping away on their smartphones, but you’ll also want to ensure at least one person present is a proper pro. This is the person who will be tasked with capturing those really important shots – the walk down the aisle, the hugs, the laughs with lifelong friends…

There’s a lot to think about when selecting a professional wedding photographer, though. What type of wedding photography are you interested in, for example – more traditional and formal group shots, more of a reportage or photojournalistic style, or even something akin to contemporary fashion or editorial photography?

Your budget will be a crucial factor too, of course, as will the photographer’s portfolio and the chemistry you and your sweetheart have with them.

Take advantage of the best parts of Gibraltar for snaps!

Something else that could be a very beneficial when selecting a wedding photographer, is choosing someone who actually knows Gibraltar and has photographed weddings there previously.

Such a person is, after all, more likely to know the parts of the British Overseas Territory that lend themselves well to interesting photography.

Just imagine using the likes of the Nature Reserve, Europa Point and/or Catalan Bay for your Gibraltar wedding photography, with the help of someone who knows how to get you both positioned just right for the most flattering and striking results!

Determine the shots you want to be taken

This is another aspect of Gibraltar wedding photography that’ll be so much easier for you if a professional is assisting you with it!

In short, think ahead about the shots that you definitely want to be captured on the day, and come up with a list so that each of them can be ticked off.

We aren’t just talking here about certain locations where you might want to be snapped with your beloved, but also in relation to those friend and family shots – with your bridesmaids, parents, grandma, the little ones… those are shots that you won’t want to realise you forgot to have taken, only once you’ve arrived back home.

But there’s another thing you’ll need to think about…

Striking the right balance with the various elements of your Gibraltar wedding photos is one thing, but do you have all of the other suitable people by your side to ensure every aspect of your big day goes well?

Here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, you can find wedding coordinators in Gibraltar who can take the stress out of organising the finer details of your nuptials, so that you can focus on the aspects of your special day that really excite you – including the photography!

So, don’t hesitate to give our friendly and professional team a call today, on +(350) 54024179 or +(350) 54023965 – or email