How can you better cope with wedding planning if you suffer from anxiety?

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How can you better cope with wedding planning if you suffer from anxiety?

It is always important to emphasise that no one given person’s experience of organising their wedding is quite the same as the next person’s – a truth that people who suffer from anxiety may be especially advised to bear in mind. 

You’ve probably read and heard a lot, for example, about how stressful wedding planning can be – yet at the same time, your wedding is supposed to be the most special and magical day of your life. Is it any wonder, then, that so many brides and grooms feel utterly overwhelmed and intimidated by the entire process of planning their nuptials – never mind the thought of the big day itself? 

Whether you have been diagnosed with a specific anxiety disorder such as generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) or social anxiety disorder, or you simply seem to experience anxiety in certain situations such as at big public events, you might be thankful for advice on how you can deal better with your worries during your wedding planning. 

So, let’s set out some of our favourite tips that could help if you are among the many people presently organising their own weddings in Gibraltar or anywhere else. 

Embrace meditation and mindfulness 

The very notion of practising meditation and mindfulness may conjure up images in your head of sitting in a circle with others and embracing some arcane routine, but it doesn’t have to be that confusing or complicated. 

Simply taking some ‘time out’ during your day, perhaps with the help of a meditation app such as Headspace, could go a long way to making you feel more ‘at peace’ amid the more potentially stressful and angst-inducing stages of wedding planning. 

Don’t get too swept along with the social media frenzy   

Many couples use social media platforms – especially the more visually oriented ones, such as Instagram or Pinterest – as sources of inspiration for their wedding planning. However, the content seen on such social networks can also cause anxiety among some brides and grooms who fear their own nuptials might not ‘measure up’ to such idealised imagery.  

So, it’s important to apply a sense of perspective here. While there is an infinite range of quirky and cool touches that you could make to your wedding invites and venue decorations, and that you might get ideas for from these sites, they’re more ‘nice to haves’ than anything strictly necessary

The overriding story of weddings in Gibraltar – and elsewhere – is, and will always be, that of a couple’s love for each other. So, don’t be afraid to take much-needed breaks from the Pinterests of this world sometimes, and to focus squarely on the most fundamental aspects of your wedding, instead of getting overly distracted by social media fripperies. 

Minimise the pressure you place on yourself 

Whether you’re experiencing anxiety due to a fear that you’ll do something embarrassing at the wedding reception, “let down your family” with how you plan certain aspects of your nuptials, or something else entirely, the fact is, you aren’t perfect. You’re still human, and you also can’t be expected to please all people, all the time. 

So, please don’t feel guilty about going easy on yourself. After all, even couples who may not feel they are particularly prone to anxiety, can often feel pressured to ‘deliver’ when it comes to organising their wedding. Be forgiving towards yourself, and remember that you can always say “no” to certain demands or expectations from loved ones if you feel overwhelmed, or if you don’t think they are the right choices to make for your own wedding. 

This, after all, will be your wedding, and that of your beloved. It is the two of you who you will most ‘need’ to please, and no one else. You have a lot more control over the situation than you realise, when you are putting together all the fine details of your special day. 

If you are particularly concerned about the potential for your anxiety to boil over when you are planning your wedding, there are online resources such as Anxiety UK that can further help. 

As for if you would appreciate direct assistance with the wedding planning itself from a business that knows all about weddings in Gibraltar, why not get in touch with our team at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings today? We will be delighted to talk to you about how we can help make your special day every inch as special as you want and deserve it to be.