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How can you best reduce the costs of your wedding invitations?

There are various areas of life in which many of us are likely to feel conflicted at the moment between what we might ideally want, and what may be realistically possible. 

This has certainly been the case for great numbers of us when it comes to trying to save money in the coronavirus era, a time when our individual financial outlooks might not seem as sure as they once appeared. 

If you and your sweetheart are among the many people interested in Gibraltar weddings right now, you’re likely to know what we mean. 

Consider your wedding stationery, for instance. It’s an aspect of your wedding planning where there might seem to be obvious opportunities to lower your costs. But do you want to cut spending so much that the invites you have for your wedding no longer feel special? The answer is: of course not. 

Thankfully, there are ways of reducing the amount of money you need to spend on your wedding invites, without compromising the magic of your big day. Here are some of the best. 

Avoid personalising your invites 

Strictly speaking here, we aren’t talking about not having your invites personalised to the recipient at all – it’s more about doing it a slightly different way. 

The fact is, if you opt to have your wedding invites printed with different information for every person you invite, the expenditure can quickly stack up. That’s why you might instead decide to have invites printed that look the same, and on which you can write the recipients’ individual names and details yourself. 

Choose plain stationery 

Along similar lines to the above advice, if you keep things simple with the invites you initially buy, this gives you scope to save money by adding the customising details manually later. You might even end up with more charming-looking wedding invites as a result! 

Yes, that might mean rejecting those ‘extras’ you may have otherwise chosen for your wedding invitations, such as the thickest possible card or fancy foil trim. 

Don’t include as much in your wedding invites 

So far in this blog article, we’ve presumed that even in the largely digital world we inhabit these days, many people planning Gibraltar weddings still want the tactility of some kind of physical invites being sent out to potential guests. That’s why we haven’t simply said, “invite everyone via email or Facebook instead”. 

The wealth of information you can place on the World Wide Web instead of on your physical wedding invitations, though, does present additional opportunity to save money. 

A lot of couples these days set up a dedicated website for their wedding, which is where they might go into detail about such things as how to get to the venue, and what food will be served. This gives you the chance to have just one card in each envelope – the main invite – and include a web address via which would-be attendees can RSVP. 

Hand-deliver your invites 

Saving money on organising a wedding is often about being aggressive in each and every area, and that can definitely include the cost of stamps for your invites, too. 

Granted, hand-delivering your wedding invitations can have a certain financial cost as well – the price of fuel if you need to drive between different people’s homes, for example. But you could always ask ‘friends of friends’ to pass on some invites to help you further lessen your expenditure.

If you’ve long dreamed of tying the knot in Gibraltar, now is the time to start making that dream real – whatever your budget may be. Get in touch with Sweet Gibraltar Weddings’ skilled and experienced experts in Gibraltar weddings today, or browse our packages to find out more.