How can you best incorporate ‘something blue into your wedding look?

How can you best incorporate ‘something blue’ into your wedding look?

A reference to ‘something blue’ with regard to wedding planning is likely to be familiar to you from the traditional rhyme that is often quoted in relation to such a special occasion: “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”. 

The rhyme itself has its origins in ancient folklore, although it was the Victorians who popularised it, even adding the line, “and a sixpence in her shoe”, the idea being that this would help the bride attract prosperity. The other references in the rhyme all touch on things that the bride should supposedly wear at her wedding in order to bring herself good luck. 

Of course, we are in an age in which people are constantly questioning and reinventing wedding traditions, so we’re not saying any bride has to wear items in line with those referenced in the rhyme. However, for many brides, it can still be fun to do so. 

So, if you are seeking to don “something blue” for your own nuptials, or embrace it in other aspects of your special day, what could be some of the finest ways to do so? Below, we’ve set out some of our favourite ideas. 

Blue wedding shoes 

Blue wedding footwear works beautifully with a white wedding gown. However, wedding shoes in this colour were vaulted to particularly iconic status in recent times by Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) opting for a pair for her wedding to Mr Big (Chris Noth) in the Sex and the City movie. 

A blue wedding garter 

Not everyone is a fan of the wedding garter tradition, complete with the groom removing it from underneath the bride’s gown and tossing it into the crowd. But if you do opt to wear this enduring piece of bridal lingerie, you might like the idea of having yours in blue. 

Elements of blue in the bouquet 

As with the garter, there is a tradition of the bouquet being tossed into the crowd at a wedding, and it’s easy to ask a florist to incorporate blue flowers into the bouquet. After all, blue is a relatively understated colour that also has the ability to add some head-turning ‘pop’ to any floral arrangement. 

Blue décor 

You will probably need to decide on a particular colour palette for your wedding décor, so why not incorporate elements of blue into the likes of your centrepieces, plates, and glassware? Even the tablecloth could be in a shade of blue – the possibilities are only really limited by your imagination. 

A blue wedding dress 

Breaking one tradition at your wedding might not seem such an offence if that means you are honouring another. There are many fine blue wedding dress styles out there, ranging from chic strapless gowns to playful midi dresses. Or you could go for something more subtle, such as having a blue label sewn into your dress with a message for a loved one who is unable to be present ‘on the day’. 

Getting married in Gibraltar, of course, brings a few other fine elements of blue to one’s nuptials – including the deep blue sea of the Mediterranean, and the similarly deep blue sky that is a staple feature of life in the Iberian Peninsula for much of the year. 

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