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Here’s why tying the knot in Gibraltar will be good for your mental health

The knowledge that you’ll soon be getting married will probably have you aflutter with all kinds of emotions. You might be thrilled, scared, hyped-up, nervous and expecting both the best and the worst things to happen. And of course, those initial emotional highs and lows might be fine to begin with, but you won’t want them to last through the entire process of planning your wedding.

So, it’s probably a good idea to look for a wedding destination that won’t add to any stress you’re already experiencing! Here, then, are just a few reasons why Gibraltar could be the perfect part of the world in which to formalise your union, if you’re eager to protect your mental health at this delicate time.

It’s a straightforward and (relatively) stress-free process!

It would be wrong of us to suggest that there’s really such thing as a ‘relaxing’ wedding to organise. However, a wedding in Gibraltar is somewhat less stressful to plan than those in a lot of other countries or even areas of the UK.

You can get married in Gibraltar, after all, from as little as £210, so you and your sweetheart won’t need to spend years upon years saving up money for your special day.

And when you partner with a professional wedding planning company like Sweet Gibraltar Weddings – making the most of our formidable packages, contacts and expertise in civil partnerships, opposite-sex and same-sex weddings in Gibraltar alike – you’ll be freer to focus on the more glamorous aspects of your upcoming special day.

The territory’s small and perfectly formed

Measuring just 2.6 square miles (6.7 square kilometres), Gibraltar isn’t exactly the kind of place where you’ll get lost on the way to the hotel or registry office. In fact, with its population of only about 32,000 people, it’s more like a small British town – albeit, one drenched in Mediterranean sun and rich in architectural and cultural history.

There’s a little something for everyone

Much of the stress associated with organising your wedding won’t necessarily be about ensuring you can afford the given venue on the specific wedding date you desire. It won’t even be about balancing what your sweetheart wants from their special day with what you want from the wedding.

That’s because you’ll also have an entire wedding party and list of guests to please. Maybe grandma doesn’t want to travel too far to the wedding, or your dad wants to be somewhere arty? Perhaps your mum’s specifically looking forward to the cuisine and doesn’t want you to cut corners in this area, while your son or daughter just hopes it isn’t an overly fussy or elaborate occasion?

Thankfully, there’s no need to tear your hair out in frustration trying to please all of these people you love dearly, when you make Gibraltar your choice of wedding destination! This tiny territory really can cater to all of the above preferences and needs, and so many more.

Take the steps now to make your dream a reality

In this era of all eras in which there has seemingly never been a greater emphasis on mental health, you can probably begin to understand why Gibraltar is a wedding destination that is perfectly suited to 2020s sensibilities!

Don’t wait any longer, then, to get in touch with our professional planners of civil partnership ceremonies, opposite-sex and same-sex weddings in Gibraltar, so that we can help to put your mind at rest. You really can have a truly special wedding day without having to sacrifice your psychological wellbeing!