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Here’s why Gibraltar can be such a brilliant place for same-sex nuptials

If you’re considering Gibraltar as a location for your same-sex wedding in the first place, you probably appreciate – as much as we do here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings – that the British Overseas Territory isn’t ‘just any another’ overseas wedding destination.

In short, this part of the world has long done things a bit differently – but that’s only one reason why same-sex weddings in Gibraltar can make so much sense.

When you want a ‘quirky’ wedding destination, look no further!

You only need to embark on a casual stroll around Gibraltar’s streets to realise what an unusual territory it really is.

On one hand, there’s the Mediterranean climate that makes you feel like you’re on Spanish soil – as Gibraltar literally once was, of course. But on the other hand, you’ll also see the familiar British high-street shops and even red post boxes that make the place feel reassuringly like a ‘home from home’.

Oh, and that’s without us even mentioning those cheeky Barbary macaque monkeys who like to clamber about the territory, and who aren’t exactly stereotypically British or Spanish. In short, Gibraltar is proudly multicultural, otherworldly and unconventional, in all of the finest ways.

A territory that has quickly made up for lost time

There was a time when same-sex matrimonial bliss was one of the very last things you’d have associated with Gibraltar. Indeed, same-sex sexual activity has only been legal on the territory since 1993 – but the transformation of Gibraltar into a thoroughly LGBT-friendly part of the world has been a swift one since then.

In December 2016, same-sex marriage was legalised in the territory at last, with the first legally recognised same-sex marriage in Gibraltar taking place the next day.

Since then, we’ve been more than doing our bit to show just how special – not to mention easy-to-organise – same-sex weddings in Gibraltar can be. No matter how traditional or off-the-wall you want your own special day to be as a same-sex couple, we’re confident that we can accommodate your preferences and requests!

Gibraltar is an appealing wedding location for everyone

It may have taken a little while for Gibraltar to stake its claim as one of the corners of the globe that same-sex couples should consider for their nuptials, but its credentials can scarcely be doubted now.

In fact, whether your own tastes in a wedding destination lie in sunny weather, social diversity, a warm welcome or natural beauty – to name just some of Gibraltar’s famed strengths – there’s no need for you to look any further.

Enquire to our team now, whether by phone or email, to discover more about our considerable knowhow and experience in organising magical same-sex weddings in Gibraltar, and how we can help to make yours just as loved-up, enchanting and successful.