Here’s why a weekday wedding could make a lot of sense for you and your beloved

weekday wedding

Here’s why a weekday wedding could make a lot of sense for you and your beloved

The chances are that when you were first beginning to plan your wedding, your special day taking place on a Monday wasn’t what you had in mind – unless, perhaps, you were always aiming to get married on a date of sentimental importance to you, and it happens to be on a Monday. 

For quite a few reasons in recent times, though, the notion of tying the knot on a weekday has come to be taken more and more seriously. 

There was – of course – the COVID-19 crisis, the beginning of which prompted a flurry of wedding cancellations as massive restrictions were placed on societies around the world. As those rules were later lifted, many couples snapped up available weekday dates for the rescheduling of their weddings. 

Fast-forward to now, and coronavirus concerns are no longer quite so pressing for great numbers of us, with many travel and societal restrictions having long been removed. But there are various advantages that a midweek date could continue to have for those planning their Gibraltar weddings right now – so, we thought we’d set out a few of them below. 

You could benefit from greater choice

While weekend dates are unquestionably more ‘fashionable’ for Gibraltar weddings and nuptials elsewhere in the world (and for quite understandable reasons!), it can undoubtedly be stressful to try to book a great venue and suppliers for such a date. After all, the most sought-after venues, photographers, videographers and so on, can often be booked up for dates a long time in advance.

If you choose a weekday date for your wedding, though, those venues and suppliers are likelier to be available. They simply receive fewer enquiries and bookings for midweek dates, so you may be able to secure the services of certain individuals or companies that might not have been an option if you had committed to a weekend wedding. 

It can be a great way of saving money 

Let’s be honest; financial concerns are rarely that far away for many of us these days. And if you’re under pressure to shave a decent chunk of your wedding budget, booking your special day for the middle of the week could be an excellent way to do exactly that. 

And unlike some other potential money-saving measures, arranging your nuptials for a weekday isn’t a step that is likely to seriously compromise the experience you have of your wedding ‘on the day’. 

Venues and suppliers alike often offer special deals for midweek bookings. So, by saving money this way, you might even have the luxury of being able to splurge on something else you had previously considered to be beyond your financial reach. 

There will be a lower chance of a clash with someone else’s wedding 

It is fair to say that all those wedding cancellations back in the spring of 2020 helped to create something of a wedding logjam that has only recently begun to loosen. And one of the downsides of that situation for many couples has been that date clashes have sometimes arisen with the nuptials of other couples, meaning not all their desired guests might have been able to attend. 

Of course, even if you book a weekday wedding, it’s not impossible that your wedding could still end up occurring on the same date as a friend-of-a-friend’s ceremony. But with midweek dates still being less popular for weddings, the likelihood of that situation arising will almost certainly be reduced. 

A weekday wedding may or may not make sense for you and your sweetheart, for any of a broad range of reasons. Nonetheless, it could be an option worth thinking about, although if you do decide on a midweek wedding, you should let your would-be guests know a healthy amount of time in advance, to maximise their chances of being able to get the time off work for such a date. 

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