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Having a socially distanced wedding in Gibraltar

If you’re having a socially distanced wedding, why not have it in Gibraltar? The vows you make will just be as special and heartfelt in front of ten people as they would be when doing it in front of a hundred. In fact, having a more private ceremony may end up feeling more heartfelt, so if you want to start your journey of married life now, read on to find out how you can have a socially distanced wedding.

Have your guests sitting in bubbles

To make sure there isn’t that much milling around, ask guests to arrive just before the start time of the ceremony. This might sound a bit strange and fast-paced, but it’s for everyone’s safety. As they start to arrive, ask your guests to take their seats as quickly as possible and make sure you do seating plans. For example, parents and siblings will be able to sit together if they’re in the same household and anyone they’ve been in a ‘bubble’ with. If you want to take extra precautions, have the groups sitting a few metres apart.

Have an outdoor ceremony

At Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, our Botanical Gardens Package is perfect for a socially distanced wedding. The Dell is a romantic Italian garden hidden within the Botanical Gardens where you can have your ceremony. You’ll be surrounded by tropical flora which makes for a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding photos, and since you’re outside, a lot of people will feel more relaxed.

Have a short and sweet wedding ceremony

Having a shorter ceremony doesn’t mean an in-out wedding with “I dos” somewhere in the middle. You can still make sure it’s special, but reduce it down a little. For example, have one reading and then do your legal declarations. You can even write your own vows so the ceremony is more romantic.

At Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, we have many wedding packages to suit your preferred socially distanced wedding needs. From garden weddings to beach locations, we have it all. Contact us today to find out more.