Have you made any of these classic mistakes with your wedding stationery?

Have you made any of these classic mistakes with your wedding stationery?

For many couples organising their Gibraltar weddings, there can often be a tendency to think of the most dramatic and visible things that could conceivably go wrong with their nuptials. You know the things we’re talking about… hitches with the wedding car at the last minute, the wedding dress not fitting, your makeup running in your wedding photos… that kind of thing.

But if there’s an aspect of your wedding planning where you might not be as alert to the risk of mistakes as you ought to be, it may well be your wedding stationery. After all, the occasional typo on a wedding invite might seem far from the worst thing that could go wrong, right? 

Well, perhaps, but there is definitely still scope for mistakes to be made with your wedding stationery that could have a more serious impact on your special day. So, let’s take you through some of them, so that you can be better placed to avoid them. 

Spelling and grammar errors 

We touched on the issue above, so we might as well start our ‘rundown’ of typical wedding-stationery mistakes by addressing spelling and grammatical howlers. 

Let’s imagine, for example, that you make a spelling mistake on your wedding invites. Simply getting the name of the venue slightly misspelt might not be a catastrophe if everyone immediately understands which venue you’re referring to anyway. But if you make a mistake with the date or timing that you state for your wedding, this could cause much greater problems. 

We’re all human, and spelling mistakes can sometimes slip through. But by getting as many people as possible to look over your wedding stationery – the invites, ‘save the date’ cards, and so on – you will be able to minimise the likelihood of such errors going undetected. 

Not being informative or clear enough

If you’re putting together wedding invites to send out, the fundamental purpose of these is to impart crucial information to the recipient. So, it really is important to make sure all the necessary details about the event are included on the invitation – including the location, date, timings, what the situation is for accommodation, and so on. 

Of course, your prospective attendees will probably have questions to ask even if you do have extremely informative invites. It’s not a “failure” of yours if would-be guests want to ask more about or clarify some things. Nonetheless, a detailed invite will help you avoid having to answer the most basic and obvious questions repeatedly. 

Failing to order enough stationery 

There are few mistakes related to wedding stationery that are more frustrating than realising that you’re only just short of the amount of invites or ‘save the date’ cards that you need. Fortunately, it’s also a very easy mistake to avoid making, as long as you’re alert to it. 

Order just slightly more than you think you will need, and you will almost certainly have enough. And even if you don’t end up needing those extras, they could always serve as a keepsake from this very special day in your life. 

The design of your wedding invites being too ‘busy’ 

There’s definitely an art to great wedding stationery design. Yes, a lot of information will need to be included on your invites, but it is precisely for this reason that you should practise a ‘less is more’ approach to the design of those invites. 

It’s all about making your invites pleasanter to look at, so that the reader can focus more on the crucial details you are communicating to them. That’s likely to mean you steering away from too many bright and garish colours and patterns, ensuring instead that there are plentiful areas of white space. 

The above are far from the only errors that anyone can make with their wedding stationery; nonetheless, they are important ones to bear in mind. 

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