It doesn’t have to be too difficult for grooms to be well-groomed on their wedding day

groom on the wedding day

It doesn’t have to be too difficult for grooms to be well-groomed on their wedding day

Inevitably here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, our blog often focuses on brides, and how they can feel absolutely confident and positive about themselves ahead of their weddings in Gibraltar


But it is also crucial, of course, for both members of a couple to feel this way, and a subject that can sometimes be overlooked is the fine art of a groom’s grooming. 


Even if you’re the more “traditional” kind of man who gets a bit scared whenever the subject of “men’s grooming” is brought up, the good news is that you don’t need to feel so intimidated. 


Here are some simple tips for getting your own grooming right, ahead of the formalisation of your union with your beloved. 


  • Take care of your skin. If you’re the kind of guy who barely knows what face scrubs are – let alone uses them regularly – the weeks and months leading up to your wedding could be an excellent time to get acquainted with them. 
  • Swap out alcohol for water. Effective and responsible grooming isn’t just about making good use of items from the “men’s skincare” aisle. Simply drinking plenty of water, and trying to minimise your alcohol intake, will help give you clear and healthy-looking skin. 
  • Think carefully about your scent. You might consider, for example, investing in an aftershave that comes with a matching shower gel and moisturiser, given that using products that all have the same scent can help make the smell stronger. 
  • Experiment earlier with your look, rather than late. If it’s just a few days or weeks until you get married, it’s often a good idea to stick with the style and products you’re accustomed to, as you won’t want to end up hating a new look you’ve suddenly decided to try. 
  • Give your facial hair some TLC. If you have a beard, for example, you should be trimming it regularly, and considering what beard oils or conditioners on the market might best suit your needs and give you a great look. 
  • Visit the barber about two weeks before your big day. A lot of male grooming tips in articles like this one often focus on facial hair, but the hair on top of your head ought to be presentable, too. You’ll want it to look tidy and be in superb condition.  


There you go – just a few pointers that will ensure your grooming routine as a groom is as good as it can be as your wedding day looms (OK, we’ve probably used quite enough ‘oom’ words now). 


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