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What should the groom wear for a beach wedding?

Are you busy planning your perfect beach wedding in Gibraltar, and are you considering what the groom should wear? If the answer is yes, then we can help you. A beach wedding is all about nature, freedom and the elements, and this should be reflected in what is worn. If you are a groom, then you’ll have so much fun when choosing your perfect beach outfit.

Choose linen

You want to be cool and comfortable on your special day. If you really do want to wear a suit, then it’s a good idea to choose one made from linen. This fabric is lightweight and will keep you cool in the heat of the beach.

Opt for short sleeves

All grooms want to wear a shirt for the wedding ceremony, but you need to think carefully about how to wear your shirt. A short sleeved shirt is smart, enables you to wear a tie, but will also keep you cool. Always opt for natural fabrics and light colours.

Swap that jacket

You don’t need to wear a jacket for your beach wedding. If you still want to look and feel smart, then a great alternative is to swap that jacket for a waistcoat. Choose a waistcoat that is the same colour as the bridesmaid dresses or the flowers. It could even incorporate colours from your bride’s gown.

Flip flops are your friend

Footwear can be a little tricky for a beach wedding, as you want to combine comfort with looking smart. Full dress shoes may not be the best option for the hot beach, but there are other options. Flip flops in a black or neutral colour can look smart and will keep your feet cool. Another option is to simply go barefoot.

Wear those shorts

There is no rule book that states the groom has to wear trousers. An alternative to dress trousers are linen shorts that have been tailored to fit. They can be teamed with a waistcoat and tie to complete the outfit.

The main points to remember when choosing your groom’s outfit are comfort, style and keeping cool. To gain more ideas and inspiration for your own Gibraltar Wedding, then please do browse the Sweet Gibraltar Weddings website and give us a call today.