How to ensure you snap some great photos of the groom at your wedding

groom on the wedding day

How to ensure you snap some great photos of the groom at your wedding

The visual side of weddings in Gibraltar is, let’s be honest, quite a big element of why people choose to tie the knot in the British Overseas Territory in the first place. 

This part of the Iberian Peninsula really is a marvel to look at, with some wondrous seaside and verdant backdrops for wedding photography, as anyone who has browsed our wedding packages here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings will know. 

Speaking of our wedding packages, we can also arrange for photography on your big day that will help free you up from stress and time spent picking out an excellent wedding photographer. 

But while we’re also on the subject of photography, we feel it’s important to point out that it’s far from just the stunning scenery of Gibraltar, or even the equally stunning bride and her gown, that you will wish to be training a camera on from the start to finish of your special day. 

That’s right: we’re reminding you to not overlook the importance of capturing great photos of the groom, too, on the day you formalise your union. 

If, though, you and the other members of your wedding party are by no means professional photographers, you might be unsure exactly how you can ensure the groom is depicted in the most flattering fashion in the wedding photos. 

So, we thought we would set out a few tips. 

Make sure the groom feels and looks great! 

Whether you are reading this as the groom yourself, or you are considering how to help and advise the lucky man who does have that status, it’s worth bearing in mind that confidence and handsomeness go hand in hand. 

We’ve all had times when we’ve walked past the mirror, caught sight of ourselves, and thought, “wow, I’m looking good today.” Well, that is what you should be aiming for the groom to feel like when his special day arrives. 

But of course, you can’t just leave that to chance. It could be a good idea, for instance, to arrange for a spa day a week before the wedding, so that he can receive a massage and a facial to help him feel physically and mentally rejuvenated at just the right time. 

And naturally, it’s similarly vital that his hair looks and feels good. Arranging for a haircut could therefore be a very wise course of action, although we would urge having this done several weeks ahead of the wedding, rather than immediately beforehand. 

Leaving that bit more time, after all, will allow his new hair to “settle” a bit. Then, it will hopefully just be a case of his stylist giving his barnet one last spruce-up on the morning of the wedding. 

Arrange for him to get to know the photographer in person 

You might have already done this if you arranged to meet potential wedding photographers face-to-face as a couple, before deciding on one. And if you did, well done! It’s so important to make sure you and your chosen wedding photographer have the right chemistry. 

But if the groom hasn’t had much “in-person” time with the assigned wedding photographer yet, what can you do to create more of that time – and the opportunity to build up a strong relationship? 

One step could be to book an engagement photoshoot with the same photographer you have booked for the wedding day. This could present an excellent chance for the groom and the photographer to properly get to know each other, and to “rehearse” the relationship – including having all manner of snaps taken – ahead of the actual nuptials. 

Have casual, documentary, and ‘reportage-style’ shots taken 

Various terms have long been used to signify photographs that are in some way non-posed and unstaged – the likes of “candid” and “street-style” also come to mind – but we think you get the idea of what we mean. We’re referring to shots that aren’t the typical “posed” wedding photos, although of course, those can be very important too. 

There are certain moments of magic during a wedding that might be missed if there isn’t a wedding photographer there to capture them forever. So, when you want to ensure a nice mix of photos of the groom, making sure your hired photographer is on hand to snap those less “planned” and more “spontaneous” moments can be a great idea. 

Anyway, you will have hopefully got a good idea from the above of how you can help ensure some excellent photography of the groom during your fast-approaching wedding. For more advice and assistance in relation to weddings in Gibraltar, why not reach out to the Sweet Gibraltar Weddings team today?