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Gifting at a Gibraltar wedding

So, you have chosen your perfect wedding location! Getting married in Gibraltar, there is so much on offer for your destination wedding. Your friends and family are on board, everything is booked, and then your well-meaning aunt asks the question you’ve been dreading – what about gifts?

This is definitely less straightforward when you’re flying abroad for your big day. Read on to discover more!

Should We Do a Gift List?

The short answer is no. The long answer is a little more complicated! If you are asking your best friends and family to fly out to your Gibraltar wedding, the chances are they are already spending more than they would on getting to a UK-based wedding. Be sensitive to the extra costs this creates, such as flights, booking pet or baby sitters, taking time off work and staying in a hotel. A lavish gift list could look a little less than classy and stress people out. Which is the last thing you want!

Should We Make a No Gift Rule?

People will still want to give you gifts! Even if you try and implement a rule saying their presence is the present, you’re sure to end up with a few gifts waiting for you when you arrive home. After all, you are treating your guests to a wonderful day and plenty of delicious local food. So you have to come up with an alternative to asking for that costly crockpot.

Alternatives to the Traditional Gift List

Address this ahead of time so people aren’t dragging heavy gifts abroad! You could ask for a small contribution to something such as flowers (this works best with family members), or make a note on your invitation to ask for a donation to your favourite charity. If your aunt really won’t take no for an answer, set up a gift list of low-cost items, such as a set of towels, that will still be useful for starting married life.

Remember – being with your family and friends on your wedding day is the greatest gift of all. Don’t sweat the material things and enjoy your wedding in Gibraltar.