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Gibraltar airport and its facilities

Gibraltar’s Airport & Its Facilities

Here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, we aim, not only, to bring you the best wedding planning possible but we also want you to know more about our beautiful home and why it makes a great wedding destination.

So, here is another interesting fact you might not know about Gibraltar:

  • Gibraltar now boasts a newly revamped international airport with regular flights to and from Europe at relatively low cost. In 2015 alone, nearly 500,000 passengers arrived at this airport and the numbers are growing in 2016.

What you may not know is that the airport was, originally, built in 1939 by the British, during World War II, as an emergency landing strip for military purposes. Because of its geographical location, Gibraltar has always been considered a strategic military location. At a later date, the runway was extended on land that was reclaimed from the Bay of Gibraltar. It was built using the rock that was extracted from the many tunnels that were excavated by the British forces. Theses tunnels are known as “The Great Siege Tunnels” that, in later years and nowadays, are great tourist attractions. You should definitely add it to your bucket list of places to visit when you are here.

The airport extension allowed bigger aircraft to land, which meant the landing strip could be used for commercial airlines as well. This is how the old airport came into being. Now, the old terminal, which was 20,000 sq. meters, has been replaced by a terminal of 35,000 sq. meters.

You can find helpful check in desks, a cafeteria, car rental desks, duty free shops and everything you need to make your arrival and departure more comfortable.

One of the amazing features of this airport is that it crosses Winston Churchill Avenue, which is the main entrance route into Gibraltar from the frontier. So, although it is an amazing sight to behold when a plane comes into land, be prepared to have to stop at the intersection and wait till the plane is fully stationary.

Here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings we are committed to bringing you the best service possible. So, if you like, we can arrange for a private transfer to pick you up from the airport to take you to your hotel of choice and vice versa.

If you prefer to make your own way through Gibraltar, there is an excellent bus service that stops close to the airport. Or, there are always a number of taxis close by.

Our aim is to make your stay as pleasurable and hassle free as possible. So, please do not hesitate to call us and find out how we can help you.

We are here for you every step of the way!