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Gibraltar weddings provide you with an instant fuss-free honeymoon

A honeymoon is a tradition that newlyweds are all too happy to embrace. The trip, unfortunately, can be a hassle for many couples. After all, most brides and grooms are busy focusing on their upcoming nuptials – making the post-wedding holiday somewhat of a pain to plan and organise. Luckily there’s a solution if you choose to get hitched in Gibraltar. You see, you can simply stay at the coastal hotspot after saying ‘I do’. Essentially, choosing to walk down the aisle in Gibraltar provides you and your with the instant fuss-free honeymoon you’re looking for. Here’s how.


It won’t actually command too much of your time and attention to get married in Gibraltar. In fact, it’s easier to organise than you probably think! However, you can keep your wedding a priority by deciding to not jet off to another country afterward. By staying in the sun-soaked heaven that is Gibraltar, you’re actually allowing yourself the opportunity to devote more time making your wedding the happiest day of your life rather than splitting your focus with the honeymoon.


You’ll be in actual paradise when you tie the knot in Gibraltar. Rather than up sticks immediately after saying ‘I do’, you can stick around – in the same accommodation and room – if you also choose to spend your honeymoon in Gibraltar. This is certainly an attractive prospect, especially when you consider that you’ll probably have to tear yourself away from the place because the wedding will have been so fabulous.

No rush

Gibraltar is a relaxing place to get married. There’s gorgeous weather, stunning views and friendly locals just waiting to make your big day extra special. There’s no rush to wave goodbye to any of these things once you’ve tied the knot because you can stick around and enjoy them on your honeymoon. It’s a great way to extend your wedding week in a way that you wouldn’t be able to do at home.

Gibraltar awaits!

The fact that you can stay put for your honeymoon is just another perk of getting married in Gibraltar. To start putting the touches on your wedding in the sun-soaked paradise, get in touch with Sweet Gibraltar Weddings and start planning your amazing wedding and honeymoon combo.