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Gibraltar Weddings: matching your dress to the sun

One of the best things about getting married in Gibraltar, besides the picturesque views, is the sun you will get on your wedding day. Having a hot and sunny day will be an excellent start to your marriage, symbolising all the happiness that is to come in your relationship. With the warm weather, it is very important to match your wedding dress to the sun and the heat, in order to ensure that you feel comfortable throughout the ceremony and the reception afterwards. Our experts offer a few tips on how to match your wedding dress to the sun in Gibraltar to give you the best day possible.

1. Natural fabrics

Regardless of the size, the number of layers or the style of your wedding dress, the one factor that is most likely to help you through the warm weather is using natural fabrics. By choosing breathable materials such as silk, you can ensure that you remain cool, calm and collected even with the nerves and the sun beating down on you. Ensure that you choose something natural and non-synthetic, allowing it to be breathable.

2. Some lace styles can work – don’t rule them out

While many people will rule out lace due to the assumption that it is often heavy and warm to wear, there are several types that will work even in the summer sun of Gibraltar. Try a light Chantilly style which gives you a breezy summer look without the excess heavy material.

3. Choose a one-tier veil

If you are choosing a veil, then it is best to only have one tier when getting married in the sun. Any more than a single tier is likely to make you hot and will encourage sweating, which is not ideal for your make up. Equally, many people are choosing not to use a veil at all, so don’t feel as though it is a necessity!

At Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, we pride ourselves on offering our clients the very best weddings in Gibraltar, offering bespoke, tailored ceremonies and receptions which will suit all of your desires, helping you to make the most of the happiest day of your life. For more information about what we do and how we can help you plan the best wedding day possible, please contact us at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings.