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Your Gibraltar wedding photos really can be picture perfect

A wedding is often said to be the happiest day of a person’s life. Unfortunately, it can feel like it can pass you by within the blink of an eye – and before you know it all you’re left with are the precious memories of saying ‘I do’ to your soulmate. Thankfully, you can always reflect on your special day for years to come if you have photos taken during the ceremony and reception. These will look particularly outstanding if you choose to tie the knot in Gibraltar. Here are three ways that the photos will be picture perfect if you get married in Gibraltar.


Nothing spoils wedding photos quite like the weather. It takes just the slightest bit of drizzle to force you and your other half to remain indoors on your big day. Meanwhile, even a few gusts of wind can play havoc with your hair and outfit. Luckily you’ll be all set to avoid the elements if you get married in Gibraltar. After all, the sun is generally shining throughout the whole year – and even hits average temperatures of 28 degrees in the summer months.


You really can take your pick when it comes to the background on your wedding pictures in Gibraltar. The ocean, of course, is a particular favourite for those who get married on the beach. Meanwhile, there are a number of great spots where you can stand with a view of the Rock of Gibraltar in the background. These are the types of choices you have when planning your wedding in Gibraltar that you just wouldn’t have if you got hitched in the UK.


Every bride and groom wants to look their best on their wedding pictures. Thankfully this can be a reality rather than a dream if you walk down the aisle in Gibraltar. The warm climate can give you a killer tan, making your skin look bronze and healthy on the snaps. Meanwhile, the joys that come from getting hitched in such a magical location can lift your mood before saying ‘I do’ and really leave you beaming from ear to ear.

It’s wedding time!

Fabulous photos are just one of the many perks of tying the knot in Gibraltar. If you’ve decided that it’s the location where you want to get hitched, be sure to check out Sweet Gibraltar Weddings.