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Gibraltar wedding

Gibraltar- The Wedding Destination for Celebrities

Gibraltar- The Wedding Destination for Celebrities

Lawrence Harvey

The infamous Hollywood couples “Laurence Harvey and Margaret Leighton” said their vows in Gibraltar, and were among the first celebrities to be united here.

Margret Leighton was a successful English actress widely recognized for her splendor and refinement. In her acting career she twice won the “Tonies award for best actress”. She had also made several appearances and won an Emmy Award in the year 1971.

Lawrence Harvey on the other hand was a successful South African actor who had starred in various successful films that saw him rise to stardom.

Sarah Churchill

In April of the year 1962, the celebrity Sarah, who was then 47 years old and an accomplished actor, daughter of Churchill also tied the knot in Gibraltar with Thomas Touchet – Jesson, the 23rd Baron Audrey. This Civil ceremony was held at the prestigious “The Rock Hotel”.

Sean Connery

Also in 1962, the famous movie star “007”; Sean Connery also held his wedding ceremony in Gibraltar. In this event, the ceremony was hosted at one of Gibraltar’s prestigious hotels which overlooked the Botanical Gardens. Sean Connery and Diane Cilento got married and had their evening in Gibraltar. With the beautiful reception and the scenic views in Gibraltar, the couple publicly mentioned they did enjoy their best moments in life whilst in Gibraltar.

Douglas Hall

Douglas Hall the Newcastle United Football Club boss is also among the celebrities who chose to tie the knot in Gibraltar. The wedding of this property millionaire brought in many famous northeast celebrities to enjoy and witness his union. His parents Sir John Hall and Lady Hall, as well as the former Newcastle United Boss /Chairman Sir Freddy Shepherd also accompanied him. At the time of the wedding, Douglas was 52 years old while Louise was 34. Their ceremony took place at the Kings Chapel, and the reception was held at a private members club.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono

The renowned popular Beatles star, hosted a magnificent wedding celebration in Gibraltar, which he then recorded in a song.

The couple had plans to get married on a ferry, and had tried many other venues, until they discovered they could get married in Gibraltar. According to John Lennon, “it’s the pillar of Hercules”. To them it was like the gateway to the world and in a symbolic sense the rock foundation of their relationship.

Princess Diana

Despite the political controversy surrounding their honeymoon, Princess Diana and Prince Charles started their evening after their wedding in Gibraltar. They were chauffeured in a classic convertible vehicle, which had been modified to allow the royal couple and the public to have a better view altogether.

Roger Moore the famous actor who replaced Sean Connery in the James Bond series also enjoyed his honeymoon in Gibraltar.