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The Gibraltar weather – 4 ways it will make your wedding day perfect

Brides and grooms always dream of the perfect wedding day. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for the day to turn sour – especially when the weather isn’t on your side. This is why you can’t go wrong with getting married in Gibraltar. The hotspot typically sees over 300 days of sunshine a year with temperatures fluctuating between 13 and 25 degrees. Here are four ways that this sunny climate will contribute to your wedding day.


You won’t have to worry about persuading your guests to travel abroad for your big day. After all, who wouldn’t want to experience the sun-soaked hotspot known as Gibraltar? You should find that everyone – from young children to elderly people – will find the temperature to be one that’s both pleasant and manageable, ultimately meaning they’ll be happy to be in attendance when you exchange your vows.


Brides, in particular, often find that nice weather opens up the options for their big day. This is because they can choose a wedding dress that’s light and shows skin, rather than being forced to choose one that’s made to brave chilly conditions. Essentially, everyone can wear whatever they please without fear of it being deemed impractical.


Did you know that sunny weather is proven to improve people’s moods? This is because sunlight triggers the release of a hormone called serotonin, which helps people feel happy and calm. If marrying the person of your dreams hasn’t already put a smile on your face, then your body’s reaction to the weather surely will.


Never underestimate how important it is to get fabulous pictures on your wedding day. After all, you’ll be reflecting on these for years to come and cherishing them for the generations. This is why you’ll be thrilled with the weather in Gibraltar. You’re almost guaranteed that it will be bright and beautiful – and this can be captured in your photos.

Your big day awaits!

You’ll never regret your decision to get married in Gibraltar – and the location should make the picture-perfect start to your life as man and wife. For more information on planning the wedding, get in touch with Sweet Gibraltar Weddings.